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    Is a small District good for administration?

    When the combined Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated into two parts calling them as Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the Telangana area is having about 9 districts. But after getting into a separate state the ruling party has increased the number of districts. Some districts are divided into three districts and some into two. Now the state is having more than 20 districts. The administration cost will increase because of this division. But many people say if the districts are small, it is easy to administer and better administration prevails. But I still feel that it is like elevating an RDO post to The District Collector post. I like to know the opinions of other members regarding this on this site.
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    Yes I personally felt the difference between the large district and the small district . After formation of small districts in Telangana, there was regular and big development works are being undertaken in every district. Previously when the local roads are damaged due to heavy rains, the repairs wont happen even after many months. But due to small districts even the colony inside roads are relaid and repaired without even making suggestion or complaints. The old Kapra road is being relaid without even making any delay. So small districts proven to be benefiting in the long run.
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    "Small is beautiful" is a well accepted slogan. But can it be applied here? But my doubt is there is already a parallel ruling system. Within each district there are several Panchayats and Municipalities. These are governed by people's representatives. Within these institutions the area is still smaller and if 'small is beautiful' is applied they can do in a better manner.
    I had the very doubt why there is a district administration and a district panchayat administration. Actually these administrations are to look after the development of the area and welfare of the people. Why can't this be done by one of them?


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    Increasing the number of districts would have the benefits of closer cooperation between the people and the government departments. Problems faced, projects needed, developmental plan charting and implementation can be much easier and more convenient. The time needed for issues to reach the authorities along the bureaucratic chain and the needed for the relief to reach the people would be shortened. It certainly increased the number of direct jobs related to administrative posts and indirectly benefits numerous types of service industries that have to cater to the new district administration. But it certainly increases the burden on the government machinery and infrastructure, right from the salaries drawn out from the treasury to housing, schooling, travel, health and pension-related expenses. Where does this come from?

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