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    All the accused in the 2G Spectrum case acquitted by CBI Court.

    The 2G Spectrum case is termed as one of the biggest scams in India. The CBI Court today acquitted all the accused including A.Raja and Kanimozhi in the 2G case. This what the Judge said "A huge scam was seen by everyone where there was none...some people created a scam by artfully arranging a few selected facts and exaggerating things beyond recognition to astronomical levels," said judge OP Saini said, declaring that investigators "miserably failed" to prove that Mr. Raja, along with officials from companies that won the licenses for telecom services, had conspired to receive kickbacks from the sale of phone permits, causing a loss of Rs. 1.76 lakh crore to the government.
    The then opposition party BJP came to power based on corruption charges against UPA in the 2G case. The CBI is likely to challenge this verdict in a higher court. Let us wait and see what happens.
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    This is one more case where the CBI failed to get all the proof before the courts and thus big wigs who were branded as corrupt in the case has been acquitted. And now the Congress would target BJP for falsely maligning UPA government and its partners in the 2 G scam. One just cannot understand as to why CBI is not preparing its home work when such cases are hoisted against the big wigs and when the cases are politically motivated they must be doubly sure to get the facts and figures before the courts. And in this case they miserably failed it seems and hence BJP lost.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    ………BJP ensured DMK's support.

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    Yes, there are such doubts. Modiji personally visited Karunanidhi when he is ill. It seems he invited Karunanidhi to come and stay at Prime Minister's house to recuperate. These are all various reports and assumptions made. In politics, especially in Indian politics, anything is possible. There is a report that Kanimozhi talked to Rahul Gandhi immediately after the verdict.
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    The CBI is unable to produce the required evidence before the court. This is really a true failure of CBI. AS expressed by Mohan CBI has not done homework properly. Either an understanding between DMK and BJP or an understanding of the accused with CBI officers is not known. Now CBI may move the upper court and we have to see wait and see. As mentioned by KVRR anything and everything is possible in Indian politics. There are no permanent friends or permanent foes in politics in general and in Indian politics in particular. But still, people are having faith in the judicial system of India. At least that should be maintained.Anyhow as of now the accused are not guilty. That is the summary of the whole episode.
    always confident

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    Why has CBI not produced required evidence if it is having it? Is BJP so foolish to let off the Congress party off the hook for DMK sake? The so-called 2G scam is all about the policy matter which was faulted. Who brought this license policy in the first instance? How the CAG arrived at the most unrealistic figure of 1.76 lakh crores? It is a notional loss arrived at by enhancing it to astronomical figures. SATYAMEVA JAYATE.
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    The verdict is disappointing, but not surprising. Only 6-10% cases end in conviction in India without confession. With weak investigation process and prosecution, poor forensic infrastructure and dilatory, tortuous justice system, we cannot enforce rule of law.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I, like many, believed that the 2G scam was the truth after I read that the Supreme Court, in 2012 had cancelled around 122 licences(2G) as it went for around Rs 9000 crores only while less number of 3G licences had auctioned for Rs 69,000 crores. I am surprised that the CBI could not get evidence. When Supreme Court, has to cancel the 2G allotments, then there should be some truth in the scam. Did the CBI under pressure couldn't get the evidence or had political interference? Special CBI judge P.RamaRao, was arrested in 2012 in the cash for bail scam. So, nothing can be taken at face value, once the case reaches SC then we would get a better picture. Interestingly, related to TamilNadu first we had a video of the late CM Jayalalitha being released, now we have two key members of the DMK released from the alleged scam. We may have to wait to know the true events in this case or it may remain one more mystery.

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    It is a matter of revenue to the Government on one hand and on the other hand benefit to the public. The Supreme Court faulted the loss of revenue to the Government. The Government of Andhra Pradesh abolished sand auctions and made it free to the public. In a way, it is a loss of revenue to the Government and on the other side benefit to the public. Some people will be of the opinion that natural resources should be compulsory auctioned for more revenue for the Government. Some may feel that benefit should be given to the public wherever possible.
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    I think the courts have been not informed properly by the CBI on the scam. Surely Modi government and Subramanyam Swamy wont keep quiet after this verdict and they would see other alternatives to revive the case again.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Definitely the Government would take up the matter with higher Court. The verdict of CBI Court will definitely be challenged.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Cases of political nature will not come to a specific conclusion or abrupt end. In most of them there will be technicalities involved. Even when no actual monetary loss has occurred or no personal gains were enjoyed, a case can be proceeded against those who ere in governance if they had not followed the well laid out systems and procedures.
    For example suppose there was a serious rail fracture. Luckily it was found by an alert linesman and it could be rectified. Can that be left like that without any investigation because no train passed on the fracture and no damage had been caused? No. investigations will be done and the reason for the fracture will be concluded and remedial measures will be taken to avoid such occurring in future. There could be a reason that the material was of low quality and added to the extreme sudden changes in weather it could have happened. Then it will be again investigated who allowed low quality material when there is laid out procedure to test and verify quality. So political or governance linked matters are like that.

    Apart from this these kind of cases can be used by the political parties and alliances as per their convenience.If parties keep quite, the media will do their own trial.

    As general public who get only filtered portions coming in media(media also may have their own bias) it may not be possible for us to come to the correct conclusion.
    For now what we can take is that whatever materials and evidences submitted to it do not properly establish the charges on the accused people.

    The cases can still take many births and courses-that depends on many factors.

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    Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has said that he is confident that the order would be set aside on appeal. He has opined that this is a "bad judgment". He said: "This is going to be short-lived. This is a very bad judgment and on appeal it is definitely going to be set aside".
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Until the judgment is set aside on appeal, there is no scam in 2G spectrum case. A scam created where there is no scam as per the CBI Court judge in his judgment. Let us all wait and see. I wish that Sri. Subrahmanya Swamy also speaks about Rafale Fighter Planes issue.
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    Well Auditor General of India also felt that a major scam has taken place then and thus paved way for CBI cases against many. Now again the case would be appealed in higher courts as BJP wont keep quiet as its name being spoiled here as the vengeance act against UPA government and hence Subramanyam Swamy would be working on going for the case in the high court sooner. So it may be temporary reprieve for Raja and Kanimozhi and many others. But once the case goes to High court, then new sets of information would be provided by this same CBI and again the persons would be booked. This will happen when the general election is about to start.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohanji, the case is running since 2011. It was not BJP which filed the case. In any legal case, after the judgment is passed no further evidence can be placed except under certain specified conditions. This is to the best of my knowledge and I am not a lawyer. Wish your predictions may be noticed by the higher court. It seems you are well aware of the BJP strategy of bringing something before elections.
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    I Think the case is over, and nothing will happen further. The case will die down. Raja and Kanimozhi will smile forever without any worry.
    No life without Sun

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    Once it gets appealed, it will come back to life in the media and in the forums including ISC. It is a temporary setback to the CBI and a victory for the two senior politicians involved. Even if new evidence comes, it would be difficult to believe as the public would be confused and will not trust easily if any new evidence is placed. They would always have a doubt whether was there a scam or not and whether the two politics were really wrong or just innocent victims.

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    If the present government has some leads on the issue, surely it will be produced as the fresh case and that will going to happen to bother the Congress. Now the case has become prestige issue for BJP as it maligns them and therefore the top brass would be working over time to dig for more evidence and open as the fresh case before the general election in 2019. If that is not done, BJP wont have face in the public and the Congress will use this tool to the larger extent and win the elections hands down in the general election. So we have to see the interesting fight on this particular issue in the moths ahead.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think, going into the technicalities of this case is a mere waste of time. Dragging this case further by challenging it in higher courts etc, are all time taking and can be considered as an eye wash.
    I consider this as a strategic move by the BJP think tank to checkmate Congress. The ruling party wants all alliances of the Congress to be separated from that party and nullify them.BJP is using this case as a tool to weaken Congress.
    What you say?

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