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    Spirituality what is your definition?

    Spirituality the dictionary meaning is the quality of being concerned with the human spirit and soul as opposed to material or physical things. But people often join this word with religion and even to religious fanatism where this word is entirely different.
    For me, spirituality is reading about the true faith and learning its literature, neither I believe in God completely nor do I deny his existence I just like to study about mythology and mythological characters and their life and this type of reading helps me to find the peace of mind.
    I like to listen to stories of gods and goddess from my grandmother even though I have read them many times and seen them on television too but my grandmother tells them in a different manner which she has heard from her elders.
    Sometimes I visit temples too but i.e., because my family members ask me to go but I am not much concerned to the rituals and worship performed in the temples, however, I find a different kind of peace in temples even the chanting of mantras takes me to a different zone. Till now my spirituality is limited to these things only.
    But in this era of modernization people often consider being spiritual to being illiterate or too lacking of the rational mind and scientific temper and keep denying their spiritual heritage they have got from their ancestors. But I still want to stay connected to this literature of mythology and religion so I raised this thread to know what others think about this aspect of life.
    Where do you think about spirituality?
    What is your definition of spirituality and experience regarding it?
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    Spirituality means something different to everyone. It's about participating in religion: going to a church, mosque, and so on.Some people get in touch with their spiritual side through private prayer, yoga and meditation.
    Going temple is not all about spirituality. Actually, human beings thinking about something bigger than the human beings and thinking about coming into contact with them and trying by various means is the essence of spirituality. Irrespective of religion, everybody will have the same belief.There is no relation between the literacy and spirituality. But all the people who are spiritual and believe in God can't be treated as illiterates. The veteran poet Bammera Potana who has written Mahabharata in Telugu experienced the presence of this supernatural power while writing the book. The same was mentioned by him in the book itself somewhere.

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    Spirituality doesn't have a definition.
    But being interested in myths and legends isn't spirituality for sure.
    It's a separate study. Spirituality for me is what differentiates humans from beasts.
    Empathy is crucial. Love is essential.
    Self awareness is paramount.
    For me spirituality is understanding of your place in universe. Self awareness in other words. And understanding that every other person is as significant as yourself.

    It has got nothing to do with religion. Infact religion hinders spirituality in many people.
    Spiritual people are naturally pleasant.
    They are mundane and have no desire towards material comforts.
    I'm fairly spiritual.

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    For me spirituality is nothing but we should live on our own strength without depending on any favour from God or human being and not disturbing the progress of others who already made strides in their life.
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    For me, being spiritual means having faith in God. He is present everywhere and guides us through all his means and actions. If you are spiritual, it gives a peace of mind and soul.
    Spirituality has no connection with one's logical approach. But people today have started linking their spiritual thoughts to rational views.

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    We, all human, have this birth only after availing all births in the cycle of birth and deaths of 84 lakh birth in this universe, according to spiritual science. This human birth has its soul in it which is a particle of Supreme Power/God/Paramatma (parama aatma means chief of all atmas-souls) This human birth only has the power of discrimination from good and bad. With this discrimination power we,humans should realize ourselves who we are and once we reach self realization we forwarded ourselves to God realization. The Main Goal of this Human Birth is to send the soul to Paramatma back without any re-birth. To avoid rebirth we should eliminate bad karmas (actions) in this birth. To reach this level we should have a guide to form us or shape us to that level who is called Guru, the teacher, who should be experienced in this path of spirituality. Here the spiritual and spirituality are calling as the science is related to the spirit/atma/soul in us.
    For this practice we should deviate ourselves from our regular routine at least for some specified hours daily. To do that some activity we have to do according to our Spiritual Master,Guru told. To have practice only we have been advised to go to Temples/pooja/rituals etc., slightly making us diverted towards the goal. After formatting ourselves we should get away from the regular rituals slowly and make ourselves into the spiritual path to attain the Goal.

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    Spirituality is something that we are exposed right from an early age at home. We grow up to see our parents and grandparents praying, taking us to temples or places of faith. Initially many think spirituality, fear/trust in God, religion, faith is all the same. Spirituality to me is something that means having faith and trust in a Higher power and at regular intervals, focussing on the connection of the mind with spiritualism helps to gain inner strength, courage and hope. One has to have a balance between physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Even modern medicine accepts alternative therapy that lays emphasis on spiritual well being, in patients with chronic disease or cancer. Going to temples, making big donations, expensive poojas is not spiritualism, Encouraging our inner self, to connect with our beliefs in Almighty, in places of peace, positive energy and in a calm, serene environment is spiritualism to me.

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    Spirituality is one thing which allows you to discover yourself and the truth. It is the highest level of learning. Spirituality brings unity among the different faiths. The way to spirituality may or may not be through religion.
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    Ms Neelam Joshi,
    What you said is correct. Spirituality and religion are different.
    It is recognition that there is more to life than material. We have an existence beyond material things. It is no way connected to Religion. You need not to be a religious person to become spiritual. Spirituality is explored and discovered according to the will of the individual. Its realms are vast. It is a path to self-knowledge, a knowledge of your place in the Universe. Each and every one can discover the path with the help of higher realms
    Religion is about belief that answers have already been provided. We just have to have faith that those answers are true. We show this faith by following the rituals required for each religion. The rituals and worship do not require us to have knowledge.

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    Religion is something that can be enforced or dictated or manipulated by some for their own benefits and we may be forced to follow religion and its practices even if we would like to object it. We cannot speak out against some aspects of our own religion as it would be considered as blasphemy. On the other hand, spirtuality is something we seek from our inner self and it is bound to be pure and true, only with different ways to achieve spirituality in different people.

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