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    Good news for job seekers; Make in India initiative would facilitate 10 crore new jobs by 2020

    Niti Aayog DG Anil Shrivastava has assured that " We are in the midst of fourth technological revolution where there is lot of integration of technology that is taking place. With Make in India, we are targeting on generating 10 core new jobs by 2020" That means those who are qualifying with good educational degrees in the year 2020 are going to be blessed with 10 crore new jobs thanks to the Make in India initiative envisaged by our PM Modi. If that happens there wont be any unemployment problem for the youths in the years to come.
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    If the Make In India campaign is successfully implemented than there will be a lot of job prospects, specially for the technical graduates of India who has been at present facing acute shortage of technical jobs

    With this campaign the Indian Gov. has targeted on zero imports of electronic items by 2020, thus promoting electronics manufacturing in India
    Hope the gov. of India achieves it ,thus creating jobs and removing unemployment

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    It is true if the Make in India programme goes as targeted there will be a scarcity of qualified people in the country. This programme will give a boost to manufacturing sector and make India self sufficient in certain aspects and we need not look at somebody for any kind of help. If zero import of electronic items indicates the development of a lot of manufacturing industry in our country. It will be excellent if ten criore jobs are getting generated by 2020.All countries will look our country and will be a developed country then.
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    Good news for the new generation of freshers and people who have settled for a practical paying job when their abilities can get them better jobs. I presume these jobs would be at various levels both in public and private sector. How is the government planning to fund the salaries of these new posts. At a very simple level, new jobs invited a whole new list of amenities and necessities that need money. The government or make in India campaign should issue out useful guidelines soon so that the aspiring candidates can get their qualifications, documents and experience letters in order. As these jobs would be in a phased manner, the administration team can sort out teething problems and other shortcomings. The target of zero electronics imports by 2020 sound more ambitious. The make in India program should succeed, but all electronic items that the consumer wants or we are used to cannot be made in such large numbers with good quality in a short period of time. Hopefully, the number of engineering graduates without a job would come down.

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    An exaggerated number, I must say. Wah! 10 crore job vacancies will be filled by 2020 by make in India programme ! If we are successful , we will be the number one in the world. I doubt - Will we be able to market all our products within India and outside India? We need to wait and watch until 2020 end.
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    One of the highlights of the Make in India (MII) program is to increase the contribution of the manufacturing sector from 16% of the GDP to 25% in 2025. With 25 sectors being identified an incorporated into this program. According to the short term and long term predictions of the MII action plan, the Indian manufacturing sector is expected to touch 1 trillion dollars by 2025. This means the potential of creating around 90-100 million jobs. Hence the figure of 10 crores has come up.

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    I positively think that this 'Make in India' is India's dream project which will be like a dream and vanish. We are Indians not the Chinese or Japanese.
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    This is a happy news. If "Make in India" initiative is able to do it, youngsters would be thankful to the PM for this. Today there are more number of job seekers than the available jobs. The struggle has been on the par to attain a good job matching your skill set and qualifications.
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    This is similar news like one to make 100 new Smart cities.
    If you carefully notice, situation is deteriorating day by day in our country. GDP down, Growth rate down, Jobs market has shrunk, Bank NPA is increasing, Market is slow, Salary is not increasing etc Due to GST Central government tax collection has reduced and has not gives its share of revenue to states. It means Central government has to take loan or arrange money for current expenses and state government has to increase taxes to meet current situation forget about 10 crore jobs. All these peoples who give over estimated the current situation just want flashy news headlines to attract newbie audience.
    United states has reached 3.4 % of growth which is fabulous in terms of their GDP figures and we just dance when we cross 6.5% GDP. Compare USA GDP 18.5 trillion and India GDP 2.2 trillion, Now compare population 32 crore and India population 132 crore. Now compare How many billions USA adds per year, It is more than $600 billion per year to its economy by with 3.4 % growth rate and India adds $100+ billions per year. India added $300 billion in only 2010 when it catches 11+ % growth rate.
    Truth is adding $100, $200 billion or growth rate less than 8-10% will not feed India properly.

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    The strategy given by Rahul in his respnse# 620484 supports my good thought expressed in my response #620416. Are we not day dreaming for 10 crore jobs to the jobless Indians? Such numbers can be spelt out easily, but can't be done. Good to hear such things through Mann ki Baath speech or write ups in news papers, but not in reality. A political gimmick by the government to attract voters.
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    It is difficult to compare figures of USA and India and saying that we need to do more. Yes, all of us know that we need to do more and such statements are more political at times. Given the political scenario, any program for India would not succeed to the full extent because of corruption and lethargy at various levels. At least this is a good start, even if it succeeds 75%, then it would be worthwhile.

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    Why we have compared with USA, because most of the time on TV channel, we hear that congress has destroyed our country etc etc and we are not developed nation. BJP and RSS etc spokesperson usually says that. But people forget that Congress has build this nation to $2 triilion by hard work, which was painful.
    Now come to point that magic figure of 10 crore jobs or 75% which is 7.5 crore. Lets says how many people in India paid tax last year which is 16.7 million people which is 1.67 crore people. So, the tax comes from only 1 % people of India. IT sector employs 40 lakh people which is $150 billion per year. Now you can calculate how much you need to pay for $1.5 trillion to people it is 400 lakh jobs, again you check for $15 trillion which is 4000 lakh (4 crore). Lets take assumption that our government will pay only less salary like 10000 rs per month.
    So, you need $10 trillion to $15 trillion per year to get 6-10 crore jobs. Any India only has $400 billion of forex reserves. Even China can't match this figure in 2 years forget about current India.
    Do you think it is possible for any government to employ 10 crore people without any infrastructure. To give jobs to 10 crore, you need to have massive factories, institutes and plan should be going on. As if now we don't think it is possible.

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    I am more concerned about the creation of jobs promised earlier and the loss of jobs in the informal sector. It is difficult to believe that so many jobs are going to be created in future.
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    Although it's a happy news still does not ensures a bright future to those who are already skilled and can achieve something.
    But what about thousands of youths who hold big degree acquired theoretical knowledge to some extent but their knowledge does not have any relation with the work government is promising to provide.
    The only thing lacking in our country is skill among the youngster, No matter how big your degree is but the end of the day the degree doesn't ensure the job because neither the sallybus at the college level is upgraded nor the student's knowledge in the field.

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    @Rahul, I have alluded to your points in my earlier reply #620303. I presumed that there would be jobs at all levels in public and private sector and How is the government planning to fund the salaries? and zero electronic import is also ambitious. Maybe these figures are projected statistics based on the expected inflow of FDI and the phased development in the manufacturing sector. Let's give it some time and see whether MII remains a dream on the drawing board or a reality of the Indian economy.

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