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    Santa's stress-buster cap

    Aarohi was shocked after she got her last challenge. She couldn't believe the curator. She came this far without disclosing a single incident to her friends. But how could she do it tonight? On Christmas night?
    At night, though she lied on the bed, Aarohi couldn't sleep. Suddenly she heard some noise. It was just midnight. She came out in the living room, only to find out that it was Santa. He was keeping her gift under the Christmas tree.
    Aarohi cried and ran into his arms. "What could I do with your gift? The curator has ordered me to commit suicide at 3 AM. He has warned me not to tell anything to anybody. Oh God, why did I start this dreadful game, Blue Whale?"
    Santa consoled her and said, "Why did you my sweet little friend? Who could be more approachable than your parents at the time of danger?"
    "I don't know what came upon me. I was so depressed after I failed my mid semester examinations. My parents threatened me that they will send me to hostel. Then I came across the curator of this game. He promised me to take me out of all my problems."
    Santa asked her to open her gift. When she did, she saw a red cap. Santa told her that it is his "Stress-Buster" cap. He wears it whenever he feels stress and just like magic stress goes away.
    Aarohi wore it and suddenly found herself with a 10 year old boy on the street. The boy told Aarohi that he eats meal only once a day. He has no house. He and his family sleep on the street. She asked the boy, "Don't you feel depressed?"
    "Why would I? Have you met Kishen?" Suddenly Aarohi found herself with another boy. She understood it must be Kishen. Kishen revealed that he lost his right hand and his parents at the age of three in a street accident. He earns his living by begging. Aarohi asked Kishen, "Don't you feel depressed anytime?" "No! Do you know Rishabh, whose mother gives me alms everyday, tells me to pray for him? He is at the second stage of skin cancer." Suddenly, Aarohi felt she was the most selfish person in this world. There are people in so much poor condition than her. "You see Aarohi," Santa now said, "If you see your problem only, you feel that nothing is worse than that. But when you wear this cap, you get to know how small your problem in comparison to others." "I have understood this truth and will never forget it. But what to do about that curator? He has threatened to kill me, if I don't commit suicide."
    Santa said, "Take your parents and report everything to police. They will take care of him."
    Aarohi agreed and promised that she will never ever think of committing such a dreadful thing.
    It is an entry to Christmas contest.
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    Nicely written. A girl was saved from the ill effects of Blu Whale by Santa's Cap. Good imagination. The worst enemy for anybody is self pity. Thinking that we are in problems and all others happy is a common issue for many these days. But we don't know that there are people we are suffering more than us but spending happy moments with contentment. A good story from the author.
    always confident

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    A good story linking Santa's cap and behaviour of parents that can drive children into depression. It also touches upon the evils of the internet that are easily accessible to the youngsters and like the Bluewhale game claim their lives. The story also eloquently brings out the fact that we are not alone with problems in life, there are many others with much bigger problems and going along in life. Liked the part where the child is reminded that the parents should be approachable to their children.

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