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    Can we demand compensation from Politicians?

    We live in a result-oriented world wherein results are issued based on the assessments. A child has to sit in the same class if it fails in the final exams. A college student often has exam arrears as he did not meet the expectation of examination system. Similarly, a penalty or compensation of various sorts is paid by many service sector. If the purchased product is defective we are entitled to a compensation by refund or replacement. If a doctor fails in delivering the correction treatment, a compensation is decided upon and paid.

    Can we have a system like this? Many politicians promise zero crime, assured safety for women, zero corruption, water for all etc. If they fail to deliver can the respective citizens of that locality or district file for compensation against the Politicians. It's also a service industry and they are paid salaries. If a salaried employee is not up to the mark, then obviously he will be terminated or will not get a promotion. Can we dream at least of filing for compensation against politicians who do not deliver?
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    I think there is no record of what they have said. If we move the court for compensation, the politician may say that he has not told that and many of his followers may come to as the witness to confirm his sayings. The entire trouble goes in vain. We all know many people take an advance in cash or kind before voting for them and hence they will not have any right to say anything. Because the politicians are paying money to these voters, they know that they will not have any right to question them. Knowing that very well only, they are doing all these promises. If any student fails in the exam, he will be retained in the same class. In the same way, these MPs or MLAs, as they are not performing they are remaining as MPs and MLAs always. So already there is a system of penalising them. You can't give multiple punishments for a single mistake. So we can't go to court. They are not asking you to promote them to next level. An MLA is recontesting as MLA only and an MP is recontesting as MP only.
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    In India politicians are like well coated well oiled well lubricated drums , which are water proof, rust proof, tamper proof and shock proof. Once given a small push to move,they roll on very by themselves smoothly for years together , on and on. Unstoppable, unobjectionable, unquestionable-omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.

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    Politicians run a parellel government with thugs and gundas. If anyone shows dissatisfaction or disgruntlement, they trouble the individual by threatening them through their loyal servants who are available to them 24x7 as body guards. It is very difficult to raise our voice against the leaders. Even the law enforcing authorities will favour and support them, and book false cases against the innocents. And you are talking about compensation for their undelivered promises. The voters faithful to their party will always render a blind support to the leaders whether they are good or bad or worst. This is the fate of India.
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