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    First time movie shoot in my district

    Its been decades since the dawn of Indian Bollywood industry started its work but no one came so far to this small town Pithoragarh of the hilly region of Uttrakhand which is also known by the name of Mini Kashmir but not known by many.
    For the first time, a Hindi movie is getting shot in this town and people are really excited about. Being a native I too am waiting and also excited to watch the movie which shows many places in my hometown. And I hope this movie will also lead to many other people also to come to this town and enjoy the natural beauty in the mountains.
    The movie goes by the name "Sandeep or Pinki farar" and actor and actress are Arjun Kapoor and Parneeti Chopra.
    The actors too addressed their fans in very good manner and this doubled the excitement of the simple people of mountains who welcomes everyone with an open heart and their enthusiasm and furore to help the cast and crew of the movie.
    It's always amazing to watch enthusiasm among the people when something in their native place for the first time the way they want to get involved in everything and want to be the part of it. I hope this movie will be good to watch as it revolves around a small town.
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    That is a really good news. Just watch the shooting. After watching the hero and heroine for sometime, try to note the placement of camera, camera angle, long shots, use of natural light during shooting and the director's mastery in direction. If you are interested in learning film shooting process, you will find these aspects very interesting. You will find an Assistant Director is incharge of costume, another one is incharge of day-to-day management, another one is incharge of vehicle and accommodation, and so on.

    You will find that the entire shooting process is much more interesting than the hero and the heroine.

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    I am sure, you will be fed up of watching any film shooting in future, the high regards to your favourite hero and heroine might get vanished from your thought. The film in a theatre will be interesting inside the theatre, but the film shooting outside will be so boring that you won't like to watch it again.

    Anyway, you are lucky to watch the shooting in your own place. Enjoy.

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    No life without Sun

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    After reading this post my thoughts went back to 1970's when for the first time Dhana Veera Soora Karna starring the great NTR in great role as Lord Krishna mesmerised and the shooting was near my house called Kapra lake and believe me after seeing the shooting we came to know how the actors would toil even for one scene to get that perfection. Like wise you can also enjoy the scenes in your home town. Try to involve in the shooting and see whether you can also come in the frames. You will get lots of knowledge watching a shooting and that would be fun and enjoyable.

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    It is very common even these days in villages and towns if any movie artists come to their place. People will try to go and watch the shooting and his favourite movie artists.
    During my childhood days, a movie was shooted in a house of a rich person in our village. The actors stayed in a city near our village. They used to come by 8 Am and the process of shooting used to start by 9 AM. By that time the whole village has arrived at the shooting spot. This process went like this for about 7 days. In between 2 days NTR came for the shooting. Those two days, all people from all nearby villages were at the shooting spot to see their favourite hero. The primary school in that village was closed and all the villagers were not attending any other work those 7 days. Such is the craze among the people for their favourite heroes and heroines.

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    It's nice to watch a movie shoot in a village, people get excited, they get a chance to see their hero and star in real life. They get a chance to see how what goes into making the movie, the number of people behind the scenes etc. For a few days, the entire village focusses on the event and it also brings some attention/ limelight to the village. If the locales are good, other movie directors would also opt for the same. There's a simple movie (Kushelan) of Rajinikanth about a movie shoot coming to a village and how the village life changes and the hero's friend is a common villager in the same village.

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