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    Santa’s cap became special for them

    [This entry wins the joint first prize for the Christmas creative story writing contest.]

    It was a Christmas Eve and Rita and Ravi were busy in Christmas arrangements for their 6-year-old daughter Ritika. Well to please her daughter Rita and Ravi had no choice but to go hunting for the gift for her daughter in spite of their busy and hectic schedule.

    "How innocent children are, isn't it? They think that Santa Claus comes and gives them the gift" said Ravi while selecting a gift for her daughter from the shop.

    Rita replied, "You know this innocence is the beauty of the child. They feel so excited about every small thing and enjoy everything to the fullest. Not like we adults!" Ravi new what Rita meant. After the birth of their daughter life had become so hectic for them that they seldom found time for each other to spend some romantic moments. They always missed those days just after their marriage when they used to enjoy each moment of their relationship.

    Ravi looking a little bit lost uttered, "I wonder why does Santa gets gifts only for children? Why can't they treat we the adults too." Rita smiled and then they rushed home.

    Their daughter who was playing in neighbors house was glad to see her parents back and reminded them that they have to go to Christmas party in their colony. Rita and Ravi were very pleased to see their daughter enjoy at the party but at the same time, they looked at each other with a blank expression as if something was missing in their relationship. After the party, the family returned home. It was bedtime but Ritika was too excited to sleep as she was eagerly waiting to find Santa's gift kept inside the stockings. Parents made her child change the Santa Claus dress with Santa's cap which she had worn for the party and made her sleep. Santa cap had got wet so Rita kept it outside in their balcony to dry. Rita put the gift which they had bought for their daughter inside the stockings and then they went off to sleep.

    In morning Rita and Ravi woke up and went to their balcony to take out the gift from the stockings. What they saw on their balcony took them by surprise! Santa's cap which was kept on the balcony had two beautiful red roses inside it. It was windy previous night and rose flowers might have fallen from the rose flower pot kept behind the balcony railings. Rita and Ravi looked at each other with love and thought
    "Had Santa heard our inner voice and feelings yesterday and so left roses to revive same old romantic moment and feelings between them".

    They lovingly exchanged the roses and sat holding hands for some time. After all, after so many years they had given roses to each other! Soon they woke up their daughter and gave her Santa's gift and also told her how Santa had also been kind to them too this time.

    Entry for Christmas creative story writing contest
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    Good story of Christmas. The forgotten love and affection between the two partners of life has come back with a good timely gift from Santa. Nice thought. These days the young generation always running after time for earning and finding no time for sweet nothings between the couples. They go in the morning and come late in the evening. By the time they come back they will get exhausted and feel like sleeping. No family life. No words with each other or with the children. Everything goes like a business. The importance of the family life was brought in this small write up by the author. Appreciations to the author for his good work.
    always confident

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    A nice story built around the Santa's cap with the focus on adults rather than children. Christmas season always focusses on children and adults are forgotten. The author has brought out the reality of how married couples drift apart. The responsibilities of life, family and the stress of the careers often dulls the spark in the bond of love among parents. They love each other but are unable to express it more obviously. Glad that Santa has kept them in mind and sent them a couple of roses suggesting them to rekindle their love for each other.

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