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    The One Where Santa Loses His Cap

    On Christmas Eve, an hour before midnight, the elves in Santa's workshop were busy readying the sleigh for his big journey. A dozen of them were in charge of feeding and bathing the reindeer, while others cleaned the sleigh and filled it with presents. After months of creating toy trains, teddy bears, magic eight balls, and doll houses, the elves were finally free; they operated in a relaxed manner, dancing as they worked, singing Christmas carols, and munching on cookies baked lovingly by Mrs. Claus.

    The cheerful atmosphere was shattered when, all of a sudden, a siren went off and red lights began flashing all over the workshop, sending everyone in a frenzy.

    "What's going on?" Mrs. Claus shouted over the din worriedly.

    From somewhere up ahead, a shrill voice answered, "Santa can't find his cap!"

    "Seriously!" exclaimed Mrs. Claus exasperatedly.

    While everyone else divided into groups and rushed off in different directions to look for the lost article, Mrs. Claus headed straight for their personal chambers. Her husband was crazy if he was having a freak out over one little cap.

    "Wifey," cried a relieved Santa when she burst through the door moments later. "You found my cap?"

    She shook her head and his face fell. She knew his attire was important to him and he wore it on Christmas every year, but raising workshop-wide panic over it was a little too much. He probably didn't want the children to see how totally bald he was.

    "Did you look in the closet?" Mrs. Claus asked him calmly.


    "In the bathroom, under the bed…?" she prodded, knowing how bad Santa was at searching for lost things.

    Santa wrung his hands and hopped on the balls on his feet. "I checked everywhere, I swear! It's not here." He was already dressed in his Santa suit, ready to leave at the first stroke of midnight.

    Mrs. Claus looked around with sharp eyes and spotted a flash of red in the corner. "Are you sure?"

    Santa stared at her with wide, innocent eyes. "Yes. I think…?"

    Mrs. Claus rolled her eyes. "Then, what's that under your pillow?"

    "Wha—oh!" He spun around and swiped the cap from under his pillow. "I found it! I found it! I found—" His delighted yelp died at the look on Mrs. Claus' face. "I mean, uh, YOU found it, of course. I just… well, I… sorry?" he mumbled sheepishly.

    Mrs. Claus sighed and shook her head with exasperated fondness before stepping out and hollering over the balcony, "We found it! Now, for heaven's sake, stop this maddening siren!"

    A beat later, silence reigned over the workshop and Santa came over to hug Mrs. Claus.

    "What would I do without you?"

    "Crash and burn," said Mrs. Claus teasingly. "Now go make some kids happy."

    "Yes, ma'am."

    Everyone remembered that fateful Christmas Eve for years to come.

    And Mrs. Claus had a dozen other caps knitted for when Santa actually lost his one and only beloved cap.

    For Santa's Cap - Christmas creative story writing contest
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    Good story from the author and the Santa losing the cap is something unfortunate. Actually the cap is the only highlight through which any Santa can be identified.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Generally, Many of the males are very bad at spotting the misplaced items. Instead of concentrating on the lost item search the take unnecessary pains make everyone panic. This type of incidents is very common in the house. I have witnessed these kinds of incidents in our house many times. I will misplace my car keys and just before leaving the house start searching for it and make some noise in the house. Finally, my wife will come and search for it and give me the keys. The similar sort of thing was taken in this write up and explained the whole episode very nicely. The author has made a very good attempt by taking a small incident generally happen many places and created the story.
    always confident

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    Nice story by the author. Actually this is the contest, unfortunately, I could not participate. All the Best.

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    We have had another entry along similar lines, where Santa loses his cap and Milo finds it for Santa. An intresting twist, Santa along with Mrs. Santa like in real life. This story is a nice attempt at trying to incorporate happenings in daily lives in Santa's story. A typical scenario that happens in the mornings when children or father misplace things and shout at the mother or other elders.Everyone joins in hurriedly until the item is found and only then the tension in the atmosphere comes down. Often the mother finds it as with common sense she somehow knows where these items are.This is very well brought out by the author.

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