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    When a child is angry and confused, do not try to over power him

    Parents do have lots of expectations from their children and that is natural attitude too. But parents seldom understand their child properly and try to over power them even for small mistake. Some times due to tough competition in the class if the marks are less never criticise the child in front of others and that humiliation cannot be digested by the child. Even during parent teacher meeting do not chide your child in front of the teacher or other student. They take those silly chiding very seriously. Give chance to the child to over come the pressure and be on his own.
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    We need not praise our children in the presence of other people. In the same way, we should not criticize or scold our children in presence of others even though they have committed a mistake. Probably they might have done that without a proper knowledge of the subject. So parents should take some time to explain the matter to their children and tell him which is correct and which is not correct. They should also explain to them how to behave and how to act. Coming to performance in education and marks obtained, what parents should understand the clarity of their wards and see that they work sincerely without wasting time. Once they do that we should understand that they are trying their maximum. So they will get based on their efficiency. We should insist them to get always the first mark in the class only.
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    Exactly said by the author. Parents noway gives time to children to explain their views or hear their side. They are treating them as child but as if grown children that is above 15 years. They supports their view by telling that they,the children should come with strictness from their childhood itself, though theirs is acceptable by principle the side of children should also viewed. In one house a mother found the children is not taking her dinner well, immediately after getting up from the dining she gave a glass of milk without asking the child and made compulsorily to drink the milk as the child did not eat her dinner well. Though it is good attitude from the mother's side the time is there to feed the milk. The child with fear took the glass of milk and after a minute vomited entire feed. For that also she complained to the father and he slashed the child to obey the mother's words. The child got fever in the night and suffered a lot. Next day the parents took the child to hospital. All such things because of not hearing the child the reason for not taking the dinner.

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    Very thoughtful information by the author. Yes, we should not criticise the children in front of anybody. Every child will not take it sportively. Nowadays most of the children are very sensitive. We should always be like a friend to them so that they can share their problems and as well be strict at times because most freeness will spoil our child's behavior. I think we parents should mold our children so that they should be a good citizen of the country.

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    Children as they reach primary school stage, have a lot of interaction with the family, friends and teachers. They form their own views and priorities. Homework, serious studies and tuitions are often frowned or done with a bit of hesitation. When it comes to studies and marks, many parents often are more stressed than the child. Without thinking along with a biased assumption that their child has not performed well, start shouting at them at home or in front of their friends. This is a major setback for the child who has to suffer the humiliation in front of students and other elders. Such children are often the target for fun by the people who have seen them get scolded. We should try and see why the child is not able to score, is it inadequate teaching, not able to understand etc and then talk to the child in a positive manner, the child surely will perform better. Being harsh just makes them sad and next time the child would try and aviod the class test results or start lying to escape another humiliation.

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