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    What price we may have to pay for the religious intolerance?

    The country is witnessing an increased number of religious intolerance incidents. Very recently we heard about the hate murder in Rajsamand District of Rajasthan. One person named Ifrazul was murdered by Shambhulal. Now there is a news of a Christmas celebration in the Pratapgarh town in Rajasthan being vandalized by a group of people. These incidents are highly condemnable. The inaction of the Government is of great concern. The Government says any such incidents will not be tolerated without any concrete action being taken. We find a new phenomenon wherein cases are booked against the sufferers. The Governments both at the State level and Central level should show their resolve in curbing such activities and punishing the culprits. We should not forget that our near and dear ones are living in various countries. Can we tolerate if anything happens to them on a religious basis? It is high time the Government takes preventive measures instead of issuing statements that they strongly condemn such acts.
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    Not only religious intolerance, all types of intolerance is harmful.

    So far as religious intolerance is concerned, the people who suffered most during partition can easily tell the consequence of such intolerance. In recent time, the guresome murder of Paresh Mesta in Karnataka bears testimony of such intolerance. Killing, destruction, burning, looting and raping of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 proves the harmful effect of such intolerance. Such intolerance is being manifested in the northern districts of Kerala, some districts of West Bengal and Assam and activities going on in Arunachal Pradesh.

    As I have said all types of intolerance is bad. Intoleance towards others views is manifested in the platform of ISC also.

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    Simply speaking, the mentality of 'however we can escape from the punishment or interrogation' should change from the culprits and not only from culprits but also in general public. To reach this awareness the punishment to the erring one should be severe and should be given immediately without waiting for this and that as once he/she is proved guilty.

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    "Intolerance towards others views are manifested in the platform of ISC also." This is a bad trend and it is to be curbed in the bud. What I suggest to you is bring such instances to the notice of the editor concerned so that timely action can be taken.
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    I do agree with the author and it regularly happens in most part of the country. Some come to light and some don't come. Recently in Karnataka also the same thing happened and that moment everybody made a big issue especially politicians and now everything is quiet and no charges where taken by the government. There was a huge protest and spoiling public property during that time. I also believe that such acts should be taken up seriously by the government.

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    Intolerance should not be tolerated at any level in any aspect.It is very harmful. So it should not be allowed to grow. Anybody trying any unwanted activities out of intolerance should be curbed from the root level. irrespective of their religion if anyone is committing such acts they should be punished. The government should take serious steps to stop these activities. In many parts of the country, some incidents are taking place. There should be a standard procedure and law to stop these activities. Even after that if these practices are continuing the culprits should be punished severely so that similar activities will not repeat. But because of the interference of local political leaders, many are escaping from the law which is aggravating the situation. The local police and district administration should act tough and see that activities of ill intentions will be stopped.
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    Religious intolerance does not reflect the mindset of the common Indian citizen, it reflects the deviant, biased mindset of a small section of society. Given the emotional angle attached to this, people react passionately and often go overboard when they hear about such instances. This is exactly what the small group of people want, target a faith, behave like anti-social elements and then incite communal tension. Unfortunately, such things happen before a major festival, around the election times and misused by political groups to settle scores between them.

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    When we claim that India is the secular Nation and giving respect to tradition and culture of all religion there cannot be religious intolerance. If one or two isolated incidence of religious atrocities occur we cannot blame the entire community being intolerant to other religion. Some people are taking law into their hands. Instead of giving complain to the police on religion conversions, some groups are giving punishment from their own side which is not acceptable .Any one has the right to follow his religion or faith and one cannot force other to follow other faith. That is where religious hatred and intolerance occur.
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    My response is not referring to a specific matter, but in an overall view of the situation.

    For everything there is a tolerance limit. If it exceeds then that is not good.
    But how the tolerance exceeds its threshold? Let us take the example of our own body. If we go on thrusting food or work on the body, to some extent it tolerates. When the threshold is breached we become ill. Whether the lines goes to be fatal depends on how, why, what and when.

    Intolerance occurs due to internal and external factors. If the body is already taxed and weak, then the threshold is less. Similarly if there is no trust from outside and the body is allowed to be by itself, then the intolerance and resistance comes up.
    Even an elastic ball will lose its tolerance if pressed beyond a level. It will simply rebound.Unfortunately in our country this has happened. The resistance and natural rebounding which happened when the otherwise tolerant ball was pushed too much, the pushers felt the rebounding pressure and that was wrongly interpreted as intolerance.

    But generally what I observe is that those who cry intolerance are the worst when it comes to tolerance and free opinion.

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    People with blind belief can blind all the people.
    Can we tolerate intolerance?
    Intolerance will destroy tolerance, and then tolerant people will become intolerant

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