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    A good tradition initiated by our Vice President.

    Our Indian Vice President and Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Mr M. Venkiah Naidu, has taken a good decision in the expulsion of two Rajya Sabha members is a good tradition and a lesson to many speakers in many states. Recently two Rajya Sabha members by name, Sarad Yadav and Ali Anwar Ansari were expelled from Rajya Sabha as they have shifted their loyalties from a party to other parties. As the party from which they got selected issued a notice to the Chairman asking him to take action on these two as they have changed their party. Immediately he has taken an action on these two candidates which wills set a good example not to encourage changing of parties after winning from another party. Many such cases are pending in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh assemblies and no action so far on them The speakers of assemblies of the states should take a leaf out of this and do the needful.
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    We have to congratulate our Vice-President not for taking that decision but for the quick action. There was no previous incident of taking the decision quickly without any delay. I hope the same trend will continue and the Vice-President will continue the good trend started by him for all the political parties.
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    Not only in Telangana that happens even in Karnataka party members keep changing their party form one to other. I am glad at least now they have taken some action against it. In Karnataka BJP member itself had come out of the party due to some clashes and set his own party and named as KJP which didn't give him much publicity later he again joined BJP. At least now they are aware of it and brought some rule to action.

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    The Indian electorate has got used to Politicians changing parties at regular intervals for their own personal benefits. Somebody gets sidelined, somebody gets passed over, someone not given a party ticket, someone not included in the ministerial berth, the common way out is to express their dissent and then jump lanes. Switching sides means changing overnight many views and ideals that were held for a few years. They are welcomed with open arms by the opposite party. So a Good decision by the Vice-President.

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    While it is a decision worth welcome by everyone, the Communist leader Sitram Yechuri has posed a worthy question - when so many cases are pending with the Speakers of the Loksabha and some state assemblies, what could be the reason to take action against the members of RS with such a whirlwind speed?

    But one thing we have to accept, he was always maintaining even as Minister that the defections should not be encouraged and he is against it. If you look at the state of AP, it is quite astonishing as to how the opposition members are being invited into the ruling party and being elevated as Ministers or office bearers of equal rank. Hopefully, other custodians of the Parliamentary democracy would also take similar action even after a long period (as late is better than ever!) follow the path of the Vice President of India.


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    Yes, it is a good decision and I whole-heartedly welcome this decision. I hope the political leaders would learn some lessons and try to be loyal to their party and people who voted them.
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    Our Vice President Venkaiah Naidu exercised his rights and expelled two members who shifted their loyalties and thus set an example for other states to follow that if the members shift without valid reasons , then such drastic actions should be taken.
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