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    A humble request to ISC editors

    Dear Editors/admin,

    I have always felt immense happiness just to be part of ISC, it is the most wonderful site where I can share my experience, my thought. It is my passion to write, I am here. I have no intention to compare myself with other members (as I know where do I stand).

    My simple purpose to bring out this post is about CC in my forum response or post. I am here for more than 5 years now, I am mature enough in ISC and I know how to encourage myself to write a good content whether it provide me cc or not by the admin, it doesn't matter to me any more. So, It is my humble request to ISC editors/admin that please stop providing me CC for my forum response or post, unless the thread is for TOW or for any contest. The same goes to my written article too where like any one I too expect CC, because I know I have done the hard work to write a full article.

    Seriously, I do not need such encouragement from admin. If I have ever oppose for anyone to get cc, it is just what I noticed that sometime even when it is not required some get cc for that.

    Please keep it for the newcomer who need it more than me. While saying this It does not mean that you do not care about it, may be you are better knowledgeable people than me in this regards. I would be rather more happy if instead of CC, you answer my complaints and not just delete it without any answer. That would make me better feeling in ISC than getting the CC. You may rather encourage me in other way that will provide some recognition as a writer and for being part of this site.

    I do not mean to hurt anyone's feeling this is my personal feelings and thought what I have narrated here.
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    Well Jeets, we don't know which of your responses were awarded c.c. Cash credits are not given based on face value but the quality of the response and its relevance matters. It is not my intention to counter-argue with you on this point but I would like to close this issue by saying that the c.c would be awarded judiciously irrespective of seniority, purely based on quality. Please leave it to the Editor concerned for his discretion.

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    I am surprised, a Lead editor like Jagdish is commenting - he does not know which of my response got cc? Why can't you look it that first before you give your statement? Anyway I too have no intention to argue with you in this regards.

    It is my personal wish and it should be respected by Editors. Please don't provide me CC whether it has quality or not. Unless it is TOW, contest thread or Articles. What you are providing for others is not in my power, however, I won't keep quiet if unnecessarily CC is provide just to favour someone.

    You may lock this thread but if you reply, do let me have my reply too.

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