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    "Acche Din" for BJP. When the "Aam Aadmi" is going to get his own?

    Good days are here for the BJP. As Modiji observed, the BJP is ruling in 19 States. I do not know the authenticity of the facts but some Modi opponents say BJP is a supporting party in 5 States. Anyhow, the BJP party is having "acche din" by its winning streak. Modiji promised acche din for aam aadmi also. I think it is time for Modiji to fulfill his promise to aam aadmi. As an aam aadmi, for myself and others like me, I want Modiji to abolish or drastically cut the income tax. We are paying overall more taxes under GST regime but there is nothing much that can be done. One important thing is to reduce the excise duty of Rs 10/ or more on petrol and diesel increased by the BJP after it came to power and also to bring petroleum products under GST. The health and education fields need immediate attention to make them affordable.For the poor, there is a lot to be done. Regarding the farmers whatever one says may not be sufficient.
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    The reason BJP is having 'acche din' is due to the fact that common people have been enjoying 'achhe din' in its governance, isn't it?
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    KVRR, just relax Sir, you have given ample of years to congress. Give some breathing time for BJP, they are just 4 years old party! What we shouting GST-GST, it is not at all bad as it looks. Because of GST, there are other so many paper work which need for business dealing are no more in uses. I felt it because, I am dealing with my dealers who are in throughout in India. I found, the paper work for transporting has drastically came down, it is far easier to send goods from one state to others, compare to earlier. Dealers have no complaint about GST as such in genuinely as what is being trying to create. If GST is really so bad, the Gujrat people who are more into business, would not have voted for BJP.

    Anything which is new force, takes little time to adjust, I hope people like you can very well understand it . And, what you are asking, who knows that will happen too positively in near future. But, the question is, congress supporter like you, will praise the BJP then? I don't think so. Because for some people, the congress is entire India.

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    Parthaji, I select your response as "The joke of the year." I recommend to the ISC also for awarding the same.
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    Mr. Jeets read through the content of my thread and respond. I have not said GST is bad. It is good as expressed by me in many threads. Is it not a fact that we are paying more taxes for our daily needs? I also said there is nothing much can be done about it. BJP is not a four-year-old party. The present Government is three and half year old. Why you are so worried about Congress when there is no mention of it in my thread? Mine is a wishful thinking. I will feel happy if they are granted by the Government. As you said it may happen shortly as the Budget time is fast approaching.
    One more thing I forgot to mention. GST was blocked by the BJP for many years and it cannot take the credit for its implementation also except for the faulty and hasty implementation.

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    I am not worried about Congress but their supporters, who are in still shocked after the result of Gujrat election and take no time to show BJP's good work as bad work. Of course, if Congress does better as I hope that the Prince "if" get total faith of Indians, they might have chance to come in majority.

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    Mr. KVRR Sir: Once I read that 'common sense is the most uncommon thing in this world'. Any person having barest minimum common sense would say that in a democratic set-up, a party improves its performance only when people are enjoying good life.

    But as is mentioned by great men that common sense is a rare commodity, generally some people think that a common sense-based reply is a joke.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Parthaji, Whatever you read about common sense is not making sense as we are living because of common sense only. Common sense tells us to go by facts but not assumptions. The prices of essential commodities have not come down. I expressed the expectations of the 'aam aadmi' like me. I am asking the Government to do certain things which will ease the burden on common people. I do not think anyone will disagree with me on this matter.
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    In BJP, we have a party that's achieved what Congress did many years ago. announcements about jobs, startups, plans of the banks NPA etc. There have been good points, yes GST could have been implemented in a less hasty fashion but no party or leader can be perfect. Now that GST has been tweaked, the results could be seen in a few months time or at least by mid next year. Abolishing income tax would not be feasible in the Indian setup. On the other hand, we need to enrol more into the tax bracket, find ways and means to rope in the unaccounted trade that happens in many sectors. Maybe now that the Gujarat elections are over, the government would announce further plans.

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