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    Do you support this way of punishing school students who do not complete their homework?

    Do you approve of imposition or other forms of punishment on students who do not complete their homework? Express your opinions in this discussion thread.

    We all have crossed our school life and have come till what we are today. As a school student, we would have got regular homework from our teachers and the next day it has to be submitted to teacher in the classroom. Students who have not finished their homework will be given punishment in many ways. One of the ways of punishment includes writing the homework many times. This type of punishment is typically called as imposition. It is considered as a way of putting pressure or burden on students for not completing the homework and most students find it difficult and get fear because of this act.

    When I look back at the good old school days, I can remember that I have also gone through this kind of punishment. I was thinking about this again and again to find whether it helped me in any way except getting that fear. I hope this would have happened for many of the ISCians too in there childhood days. I would like to get the experiences from them regarding this type of punishment and whether they consider it useful now. I am also looking for out of the box punishments given to students which helped them in some way.
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    Imposition is not for doing the homework. In our school teacher used to give a lesson summary. we have to learn and understand the same. Then we have to answer the questions given in the school by the teacher. If we are not answering these questions, the teachers used to give impositions. Some students used to talk to the bench mates when the teacher was teaching a lesson. The teacher used to ask him to stand upon the bench till the end of the period.Another punishment is to stand near the gate of the class till the teachers again ask you to come back and sit. One day one of my classmates is absent for the drill period. The next when he attended the class he was asked to on running around the ground 10 times. That is a very big ground and the students almost taken an hour to complete that and he suffered a lot with leg pain. Some teachers used to beat with a stick in their hands.
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    Imposition is like a penalty to be paid for not following orders. At that age as students, we need a bit of fear to learn some discipline and the concept that a task given should be completed in time. As students, we have had the imposition of writing twice if homework as not done or the handwriting was bad. If students were making mischief in the class, they had to write Ï will not make noise in the class, like an imposition. It would be done for fear and for other students, it would make them twice before they think of making the same mistake, When teachers have to look after large batches of students, imposition is a good technique to minimize the number of potentially difficult students. Such things although sounding harsh would have helped students in the long run. I have mentioned this earlier, I used to write an imposition in English, not for completing work but for lagging behind but it has helped me.

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    In those days writing many a times the same thing considered as weak point of a person and the children would be shying away from writing imposition. But when the mistake is made or forgotten to abide by the teacher imposition was the best method to inculcate the insult factor in the student and thus mend ways. Though beating with the stick and scale was also done, but doing imposition was really taxing as some times the questions will be longer and one has to spend more time. In our school one teacher used to give different kind of punishment to which we call in Telugu as " Ghoda Kursi" that means the student has to stick to the wall and bend as if sitting on the chair. For a while the punishment seems to be easy but the teacher would ask the student not to move and sit in the same posture for entire period. That would give greater pain to the knees which cannot be borne by the student.
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    My uncle used to tell that one time writing is equal to ten times reading. The punishment of imposition was there in our schooldays also. The punishment was given not only those failed to do the home work but those who wrote wrongly or legibly also. It is good in one way instead of scolding or beating. Asking the student to stand outside the classroom till the calling, or asking to do 'thoppukaranam'(sitting and standing by holding ears by hand) for ten or fifteen times are the other type of punishments what our teachers gave. In that case the thoppukaranam and imposition good on the other hand also.

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    Yes, this is a weird kind of punishment. Writing your homework multiple times is a kind of unnecessary burden on the child and will inculcate more fear in them.
    I remember when I was in school and I did not complete my homework, my teacher slapped me on my face and did not allow me to get into the class. Slapping would be a more fearful situation I feel in spite of getting the homework done twice or thrice.

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