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    Incredible India: Cursed temples of Kiradu

    Barmer district, Rajasthan. The name of the village is Hatama. It is in the Thar desert. The place was earlier known as Kiradkot. This place is also known as 'Unexplored Khajuraho of Rajasthan'.

    Kiradkot was a very developed city during sixth century to eleventh century. During sixth century to eighth century, the place was ruled by Kirad Rajputs. Most probably they were the subordinates of Chalukya kings of Gujarat. So, the influence of Gujarati architecture is evident in the dilapidated temples of Kiradkot (now Hatama).

    In this place, there are five temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The Someshwara Temple is the largest one and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Other four temples are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Local people say that these temples are cursed. Long ago, a sage used to stay here with his disciples. One day, when the sage went to visit nearby places and the disciples remained there. The disciples fell ill during the sage's absence. None helped them except a potter's wife.

    The sage returned and was very angry seeing the condition of his disciples. He cursed the local people stating that all of them would turn into stone except the potter's wife. He asked the woman to leave the place immediately without looking back. While leaving, the potter's wife looked back and she was also turned into a stone.

    The place was abandoned. Later the Turkish invaders destroyed the temples. Much later the British also invaded the region. But still the place remains uninhabited. People believe that if anyone remains near these five temples at night, he/she would turn into stone.

    Some years ago, a team of Paranormal Society of India visited this place and the team-members found 'paranormal activites and presence of negative energy' in this place. They have also confirmed that nobody visits this place after sunset.

    Are you interested to visit Kiradu Temples in ancient Kiradkot, present-day Hatama?
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    This place is not known to me before reading this post. A very educative post with many details about the temples and the place. Probably not. I may not visit. There are many other places in India which are to be seen and worth seeing. I have to completely see all those places. Only after that, I can think of this place. It is very nice information and my thanks to for sharing this information.
    always confident

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    Unique information about the history of the Kiradkot temple. The last part is a little disturbing, there would be many such places that have legends that has been passed on from generations. I, personally feel it is better to leave such legends alone. There would be many temples in India with positive energy and architectural splendour that would be a better choice.

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    For me also the information shared seems to be new and interesting. From this submission it is evident that there may be such ancient towns and cities which were either neglected nor forgotten by present rulers and thus people like the author must be appreciated to bring those information for our reference and remembrance, Again I am requesting the author to present this same write up as article and that would benefit any one want to visit those forgotten temples of Rajasthan. If possible please provide some images for our information.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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