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    Is money only motivates people to excel?

    We always hear people saying and talking about motivation. There are training classes for employees in many organisations to know about this subject. We all say by motivating the people we will get positive results. There are many ways to motivate an individual. A general feeling by offering money we can motivate people and make a nonperformer to perform in a better way. But my personal feeling is that money will motivate the person only up to some extent only. There are many other ways of motivating people like appreciation, pat on the back, praising them in presence of others, offering him good gifts etc will also motivate the people. Do you agree?
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    Personally speaking, it is not. Although I do need money, but recognition and respect paly much bigger role in motivating me to work hard and excel.
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    Money is one of the things that motivate people to excel.Whether we like it or not, many things we do for someone is related directly or indirectly related to money. If we don't get a salary, how many of us would work? Give a salesman an incentive or a percentage of the profit, you'll see his sales figures jump up. Sadly some people are motivated to even cast their vote by the lure of money. Request an employee to stay back and work overtime or Offer money for an employee to stay back and work, you will see that the latter works better. Yes, there would be a group of people who depend on a sincere appreciation of their good work as a good motivator, such people need to be respected and be made aware that their efforts have been noticed. For such people a pat on the back, thanks a small memento given at a small get together keeps them to motivated.

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    No. Money is one among them. A good successful life will be more attractive and which will motivate everybody. Naturally money will have a role in that. Just having lots of money alone cannot be a motivating factor. A good living condition together with a good family life can be more attractive. Money cannot buy these.

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    Money alone is not a motivating factor. One expects greater recognition from others on his daily work. It may be small gesture but that will go a long way in increasing the productivity and performance. For example if the boss visits the factory and goes in to the assembly line and watch the workers in sync without making any fuss at the work place, he can appreciate the work force and that will bring smiles on their faces. ,Moreover where there is no recognition even when good works are done in time, the worker feels demotivated and thus slows the work process. By the way incentives for good work would pave way for increased work too.
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    Not only money but yes it is one of the most important reasons that help people to grow and excel in their life. In order to excel, we need devotion and dedication towards goal, and also we have a great interest that helps to excel.
    There are many reasons behind, one of them is inner satisfaction for our ambition, that we want, that helps to excel in what we want to achieve.

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