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    Can a couple part as friends?

    Do you thing couples who are no longer together in a relationship can continue to be friends? Share your views on friendship between couple after a separation.

    In today's world, time, space and money have become a vital commodity that is difficult to come by as far as relationships and marriages are concerned. Recently, I've been hearing about increasing number of divorces or couples splitting apart for various reasons. The papers often report incidents of husbands and wives resorting to kill their spouses to follow their own desires or have a new partner in life.

    Still many families are averse to a divorce, elders in these families pressurize couples to patch up and go on for a few years or unofficially seperated for a couple of years of saddness.

    When a marriage reaches a point of no return, Why can't we agree to allow the couple to as friends and stay as friends, each one carrying on with their studies, career or a new life.At least both would be happy, can become good friends, can get married again or even think of getting back together after sometime, instead of just letting time go by with neither of the couple being happy.
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    Yes there are every chance of couple parting their ways as friends. In this educated world even both of them are good qualified and earning handsome pay too. If due to some difference of opinion, they want to part the ways, it can be done in most silent way without the interference of court and family members. Both can live as friends there after without interfering in the personal matter of others in future. One such relation I have seen in the recent past. He was a bank manger and she works in hospital. They cannot lead happy life due to working hours change. That lead to parting of ways and but they are good friends always.
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    If you are in India, and talking about Indian couples parting as friends, it will never happen in the near future. It is the Indian culture to look at their spouses differently if they don't like each other and don't go well in their life. What you are suggesting is a foreign culture wherein the spouses separate as friends with a last kiss. We too will get into that foreign culture, and see the spouses parting as friends, not now, little later.

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    Many couples say that they parted ways and remain as good friends. But I think this is not at all possible. Don't the memory of conjugal life and subsequent bitterness remain? The memory won't allow the couples to remain as friends.
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    @ Mr.Mohan: valid statement, after a certain point, couple can agree to split with dignity quietly without going through the hassles of depression and fights. But they to have the legal status clarified to avoid potential issues with further re-marriage or property disputes.

    @ Mr.Sun: What is the harm if we adopt this 'foreign' culture, we have adopted a nuclear family, fast food, partying, girlfriend & boyfriend concept.

    @ Mr.Partha: I think, adopting this in failed marriages is better than living a life in saddness and anger towards a person, that drives people in broken relationships to have an affiar or even plot to kill the legal spouses

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    Mr. Natarajan,
    A nuclear family is like honey.
    Fast food is good,
    Partying is enjoyment,
    Girlfriend & boy friend are good and positive trend .
    Whereas parting/divorce is bitter and a negative trend, and will pave no way to be friend but enemy only. We should think well before selecting our spouse.

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    If there are differences within the couples, it is always better if they sit together, discuss the issue in detail and come to a practical understanding. In such case, there is no question of parting and they live like friends.
    Yesterday it happened that a gentleman came to my house. He is a distinct relative to me. He is a retired person. He and his wife of are having some difference of opinion on some issues. Then both of them decide to continue their individual ways on that particular issue. He says they are living together as friends rather than a couple. A beautiful approach. Instead of parting as friends living together as friends is definitely a positive approach. Individuals can maintain their individuality, and help each other in their needs and the can live together as friends.
    This concept they are practising for the last 7 years and they are happy.

    always confident

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