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    Prefer to go Dutch or Foot the entire bill?

    We like to socialise with our group of friends or office colleagues at parties or night outs. Such events help us to stay in touch, unwind ourselves and relax after a day's hard work.

    Food and desserts at restaurants and hotels have become expensive. Needless to say, the final bill will be a big amount. Paying a coffee bill is fine, but paying a bill that runs into a few hundred or a few thousand would leave a dent in someone's wallet. Cocktails and alcohol would certainly be expensive in a decent restaurant. Often in such situations, the money is split by the group of friends (going Dutch) or the bills would be paid in turn.

    People who can afford don't mind paying the entire bill but many would prefer for the bill to be shared especially when alcohol is included and some members do not drink.

    What do you do or would prefer to do?
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    In Hyderabad we call it Military system. That means what ever the total bill comes it must be divided and shared among the all invited to the hotel. If the host says specifically that he his throwing the party and that is understood that we need not pay for the bill. But if like minded friends suddenly plans a lunch or the dinner at a restaurant surely each one has to share and foot the bill. One should not be burdened with hefty bills and now a days the tax levied on the food bill itself is whooping to some hundreds and that would be dent for the person footing the bill. Let us be realistic on sharing the bill.
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    If an individual hosts a party, it is the duty of the individual to foot the entire bill amount. But if a group organises a party to please an individual, then the bill should be shared equally by the group. And if a group of friends wish to have a party or get together at the end of the day or during the week-end to come out of the stress and boredom, they should equally share the bill. Paying in turn would be Okay for a small number of group,( say maximum 5), and not advisable if the number of personnel in that group or more.
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    If it is a regular affair of meeting a group once in a month or twice in a month, it is better to have a common system of paying in turn. This time I pay, next time you pay and the other time the third person will pay. In this way, we can maintain a roaster. If non-drinkers are there two of them share a one-time bill. This is one good method. If it is once in a while affair, it is better to share between all the participants with a reasonable share from a non-drinker.
    If the gathering is for a specific occasion and all are gathering there with a specific invitation from an individual, automatically the host has to bear the expenses. In such case, the host will plan the menu and venue and all have to go by that menu at that venue.
    In our Organisation, we all used to gather in somebody's house with families and we used to go potluck system. Each person will bring one dish and the owner of the place where we are gathering has to arrange soft and hard drinks for the people as per his choice. We used to gather once in a month. We are about six senior officers of the company were doing this.

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