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    When will the so-called intellectuals learn to respect common people?

    They used to think that people give respect and importance to their opinion. Indeed people used to believe their narrative. They frequently gave importance to selected news-items and ignored others which did not suit their narratives. They used to mould common people's opinion and preference.

    Now the situation has been different. People are receiving education. They receive information from various sources. No news-item remains hidden. No uncomfortable news can be put under the carpet. People, even if silent, are getting over from the influence of them, the so-called intellectuals.

    Now these intellectuals understand that people don't give them any importance. They read the views of those intellectuals but take decision on their own. So, now these intellectuals have started ridiculing common people. They have started calling those common people 'bhakts'. They don't admit that common people have thinking ability. They can't accept that people have the power of independent thinking.

    When will these so-called intellectuals learn to respect common people and their views?
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    Nice post from the author. Intellectuals are working as the peer group and they are greatly influenced by a particular party and thus for them they act one sided as if the horse rides on his own path and does not see the sides. But common man in India is now well informed person and thanks to the vibrant social media which is feeding him with great information every minute. So the so called intellectuals are considered to be non importance in the society and they are now targeting the common man for his intelligent action. In democracy common man has the power and nothing with the so called group of intellectuals.
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    Earlier days politics is a closely hidden and monitored subject. The rulers and intellectuals used to mould the information in a way it matches their requirement and thoughts. The common man used to go by that only. Even today if you look at the remote village people they all go by their leader. Each community will have a leader and the community entirely go with him. But unfortunately, the so-called leaders are manipulating the things to their advantage. But in many places now the system is getting changed. Thanks to the electronic media and newspapers. Now the politics is on the streets. Everyone is getting informed. Here also there is a problem. The print and electronic media are turning the information in a changed way to suit that the party which they support will be out of [roblem. That is leading to a false understanding of people. So if the media becomes unbiased, the system will improve ]. Otherwise, this problem will continue.
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    Unfortunately the so-called 'intellectuals' in our country were always biased and were speaking only for the sides they stood for and supported.

    Those who were relatively higher educated than masses and mostly involved in art,literature, movie and media sectors ad always kept the leftist views and stood for the leftists ideology always . They projected themselves as anti-establishment and supporters of civil liberty. But many times made naive people doubt whose civil liberty they wanted to protect. These intellectuals mostly tried to influence the middle educated and neo literates from Dalits, OBC s,SC/ST etc.

    The other side 'intellectuals' are of relatively recent origin. They comprise mainly of economists and technologists and had some stint at foreign universities or had worked abroad and always supported the US and its allies views. These intellectuals try to influence the decision makers .

    Both these sides were shake by the coming of the new 'social media intellectuals'- which includes mostly the educated urban and semi urban middle class including us all who are debating and discussing on anything and everything in the social media forum. So now both the old type intellectuals try to influence the social media intellectuals(SMI) . This SMI has become very effective and influentially potential since the days of Anna Hazare-Kejriwal led Lok Pal movement. The same was effectively used by the BJP/NDA political formation and yielded results. Hence this SMI is now taken to be the 'common man intellectuals'.

    However the real fact is that the real common man on the grass roots literally- the agriculturists, agriculture labourers, unorganised sector casual labourers, ordinary housewives etc are all still left out by all the three 'intellectual' groups. That is why we see surprises in the elections and by certain popular movements.

    Hence we are also at fault.

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    Excellent responses from the Members. With the spread of education and information, common people have started developing thinking ability. They still remain silent in front of those intellectuals, but they are no longer influenced by those arrogant intellectuals.

    This is a welcome trend and this trend must become a movement to destroy the harmful influence of these intellectuals.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The intellectuals are a powerful and potent force who when on ethical and moral high ground can influence common people and policy makers for the betterment of the public and the country. But the same intellectual mind layered with corrupted and deviant thoughts can have a misplaced loyalty for their followers and friends that ultimately results in their personal benefit with the public needing to suffer. In the early days, before the days of internet and TV in India, people used to largely depend and look upon these intellectuals for the daily issues, guidance during elections and how the benefits from various policies. Now with the increasing levels of education, access to internet and views from various quarters including social media, the common man, has now started to think and decide for himself in most cases. The common man does not always nod to the wishes or sermons. The worrying trend is the way, the media and papers report a particular event. It is difficult to read a news article that is free of religious tone and political bias, the common man depending on these sources often makes a decision that is based on a set of biased facts. This should be avoided.

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    The very usage ' intellectual' is misunderstood these days. Who is an intellectual? There are people who have several degrees indicating their education level. They might excel in their field of specialisation. But do we call them intellectuals ? Actually they studied well and did research in a specific area and became specialists in the field. But they are not included in the so called 'intellectual' category. But those who come out with their views in open, through print or social media, are taken as intellectual. Actually they are only pseudo intellectuals. They might have read and understood certain topics in which they are interested. And might be capable of speaking and writing on the topic. They are presented as intellectuals in media discussions. Readers or viewers assume these people know everything. But their capabilities are limited.
    These people may have political stands of their own. But it will not be permanent. Some change according to the political party ruling.

    An actual intellect will see and analyse everything with his intellectual capability before coming out with a comment. Such people cannot continue in the fold of a particular party.


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    An indicative of true intellect is- analysing and appreciating good views.
    An intelligent person always looks for and after his successor. But pretenders are into intelligence for attention. When you crave for attention, considering others becomes impossible.
    We must make sure that the correct answer gets recognition ,not our ego.

    But calling someone "bhakt" is not the pretence of intellect. Maybe people are indeed bhakths. What else should we call blind supporters ?
    Didn't I tell you? Righteousness comes before ego.
    If a government is corrupt, if a politician is wrong; being his bhakt is a sin.
    Making sure that someone isn't sinning, is a true sign of intelligence.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The definition of Intellectual according to Cambridge English Dictionary is "A very educated person whose interests are studying and other activities that involve careful thinking and mental effort." According to Collins Dictionary, an intellectual is someone who spends a lot of time studying and thinking about complicated ideas.
    It is the people who identify the intellectuals for their qualities as mentioned in the definition of intellectuals. People always give importance to the ideas and activities of the people whom they consider intellectuals.

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    Are we discussing the definition of intellectuals or the attitude of Indian intellectuals towards common people of the country?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is the common people who give respect and get respect from the intellectuals. There are no so-called intellectuals. Either one is an intellectual or not.
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    Can you name few intellectuals in our country that you are talking about? So that we can understand it fully and respond you suitably.
    Hope you are talking about the political intellectuals and the media intellectuals. Is it?

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    I totally agree with you Partha sir, It is not bhakti that people are showing these days it is just that they are using their own intellect to understand, follow and implement things. And this has become difficult for these so-called intellectuals to accept that- people in India who used to listen to their leaders like sheeps and were too emotional and forgiving to let the nepotism spread in the politics are getting aware and putting forward their own opinion.
    These intellectual should not forget that it was the respect of the people for them and their work and point of view of the common people that made them gained this much respect so that they can speak so freely in any platform. So they should respect the opinion of common people too instead of trying to force their own opinions and ridicule the common man.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    A healthy deviation to who an intellectual is and how the common man looks up to them. Unfortunately, the analytical and reasoning ability of an intellect in the society is now being replaced by the gift of speech and glib of the tongue to present a fact convincingly even though their knowledge is very limited. My first reply is based on my interpretation that intellectual people mean individuals in politics and in the public media.

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