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    Are we caring for the spelling and grammar ?

    When we post a thread or when we respond to another thread are we not forgetting the rules regarding grammar and spelling. When I go through the threads as well as the responses to a thread I very often get this doubt. I think there is no editing for threads in this forum. I just raise this issue in the form of a thread only to take everybody's attention to this point.
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    Yes, I do admit that most of the time I am not particularly careful about grammar and spelling. My poor English skill is another reason behind my carelessness.
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    We too care grammar and spelling mistakes. Though I am not very good at English, I ensure to write fair English without any grammar or spelling mistakes as far as possible. Grammar mistake cannot be avoided due to confusion in using prepositions, but spelling mistakes can be avoided by correcting them with the help of dictionary/on line tools. I generally commit grammar mistakes with few prepositions only.
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    It is the expressed rule of this site that every one should write in good order without any mistake or grammar error. By the way when we post our response in this box and when type wrongly, the spell checker makes the underline and we have to correct the word immediately and that has been happening sincerely and still some Indian words does not have spell checker support and thus there may be some error which can be guided and set right by the editor while review of the matter, Nevertheless the author made the right observation and this forum must be free from errors and mistakes.
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    True.. We do make common errors, in our threads. Although spelling mistakes can be checked, but for grammar part, we should be careful. Not only prepositions, we change the tense of our story. I am sure I too make mistakes ,but I always try to view them.

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    I have installed Grammarly on my computer. So I am feeling that chances of spelling mistakes may not be there. But regarding grammar mistakes, I am trying to do maximum without many mistakes. Still, I have my own doubts about my grammar. I may be doing some mistakes. Sometimes I read the post again and If I find any mistake I will edit it.
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    I tried my best to find the means and methods to improve our grammar mistakes at ISC. I requested our members to point out each others mistakes in their thread posts and responses. I used the phrase 'Check My English'(To get my English checked by others) & ' Check your English' (when I check other's English).

    Members did not feel good to check others English and get checked by others. That did not workout.

    @I will come up with a fresh proposal on the subject, to have our English improved. If everyone cooperates, it would be successful.

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    I admit that I commit mistakes. Many of us are prone to errors of commission and omission. These mistakes occur due to ignorance, haste and carelessness, not reviewing and editing.
    But even on reviewing and editing, some mistakes simply escape our notice. Some times when I get to see such mistakes in some of my earlier posts,I wonder how they occurred and how they escaped my attention when reviewing also.

    Our mistakes can be spotted better by another person. Sometimes the images and presumptions make us blind to the mistakes. So even when there is wrong spelling we read the word correctly. None of us are infallible. That is why there are other layers in important areas.

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    There is no need to start a fresh thread on your proposal since you had done so in the past and we had discussed it in detail. A reminder of what we had said - It makes no sense to have the words' Check My English'. Every thread will then have responses wherein English is being checked rather than sticking to the topic of discussion, thereby taking the thread wholly off-track.

    Members can make use of the Grammarly tool which has been made available by the Webmasters. You can correct grammar, spelling & vocabulary with this too. It also helps in punctuation. Of course, in a few cases, you do need to check the context and not necessarily select what Grammarly suggests. For example, on one occasion for me, the tool suggested the word 'patient' instead of 'patience' and it was the latter word which was actually appropriate, not the first one.

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    Mistakes creep in despite having Grammarly because, for me, I've noticed sometimes that it takes time for the ads to load, then the thread to load fully and as I type, at these instances, the last few lines may not be as correct as I want it to be. At other instances, we would be typing a reply, when there's a need to move away for other reasons, instead of coming back, we may just post the reply quickly. Often in a hurry and because we have other commitments , some replies may be posted quickly before logging out. Even in this reply, there could be some grammatical errors with punctuation etc.

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    I always take care of all the spellings and grammar involved in whatever thread I create or even if I respond to any. It is really needed that we check the spellings and grammar as that not only makes the sentence a sensible one, but also helps the readers to understand the clear meaning of it, and does not create any kind of misunderstanding.
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    I won't say I don't care for grammar and spelling. But the edit button let's me write freely and then rewrite it later.
    I care for my grammar more than spellings.
    Because if grammar is correct, mistakes in spellings can be ignored.
    For an instance, "I don't knw you" can be as easily understood as " I don't know you".
    If grammar is correct errors in spellings can be ignored.

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