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    How to improve our English through ISC - A proposal for your recommendation

    Dear Members,
    Our knowledge on English language and English writing/speaking skill varys with our educational qualification. Some members are Ph.d, some are post graduates, few are under graduates, some are doctors, some are lawyers, and some are just plus two and below. We cannot expect very good/ high standard English without grammar mistakes from all members. Some may be perfect, while some with some mistakes. There could be unknown mistakes from members.

    Why not we check others' English and get our English checked by others?

    I propose the following for your recommendation and for implementation.

    1. Members willing to get their English Checked by others should place the abbreviation CME at the end of their post/responses. CME means - Check My English
    Text ABCDEF........XYZ

    2. Any member yielding to the request of the member posting the abbreviation CME in their post/responses and wishing to correct their English, should commence the response with the abbreviation - CYE. CYE means - Correct Your English.
    Refer #123456. The sentence shoud read like this ..........etc.

    This method of correcting the mistakes in the forum will be read by all, and would help them to improve their English knowledge too.

    If there is any dispute/disagreement, the ME of ISC should sort out the issue with correct English.

    Your good comments and recommendation, please.
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    I have posted this message before I could read your response in the other thread.

    @ Let this thread live for few days to get the new members comment. Kindly don't hijack this thread.

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    Sounds good if it's between 2 or 3 members, but if it is between hug number of members, then it would not be practical. The first issue is, I may feel that I am an expert and start of correcting many sentences, when in reality I may not be as good as I would like to think. Second, many people would be typing a few minutes apart and each would post repetitive posts that would make the thread very long. Third, people reading the forum thread would have to repost once more their views on the thread after they check the English. Fourth, too many points would have to be given to many members for the same replies. Fifth, it would deviate or take the focus of the person visiting the thread after a few days, as it would be very long. Lastly, it would vastly increase the work load on the ME, if she has to settle grammar disputes between many members on a single thread. These would be my views. We can and need to stick to one tool like Grammarly etc.

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    Already all of us have installed Grammarly on our systems. To a large extent, it is taking care I think. The second point is it is very time-consuming. We read the threads generally to know the various vies and points of different authors on that particular issue but we will not proofread the message. Proofreading itself is subject to itself. It requires a good amount of time. I suspect how many members can spare so many hours on this issue. Hence I feel the proposal is not very practical in my opinion. These days the importance is more on how good you are able to communicate is the important consideration than spellings and grammar. I feel we need not have such an elaborate process wherein lot of time is to spend.
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