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    Taking Revenge - Is it right?

    Is it right to take revenge?
    We human are prone to take revenge and satisfy. Most human beings don't have the power to tolerate. They make things worst by taking revenge to satisfy. Is it right?

    In epic Mahabharata, Karna kills Abhimanyu(son of Arjuna) in the war field. And in turn, Arjuna kills Vrishasena(kid of Karna) in the war field. Arjuna being a great warrior, was he right in doing so?
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    Generally, if somebody harms us we will also try to harm. This is a human psychology. There will be a little number of people who will accept beatings and keep quiet. Everybody can't become a Gandhi to offer the second cheek when somebody is slapping you on one cheek. If everyone becomes so Godly, this earth will become heaven itself. I doubt very much how many can be so good at a person who is trying to spoil you.
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    Many books, narrations, real events in the past and present all deal with revenge. Seeking revenge is in human nature, it is just that many of us hide it behind layers like educated, civilized, respected people. Imagine someone barging into a house and misbehaving with inflicting suffering on an innocent person/family. Deep within, there will be a flame burning for within him or her to seek revenge. The manner in which we seek revenge is varied. It goes from eye for an eye, similar misdeeds, holding a grudge, complaining to the police and publicizing this event. Practically for me the nature of revenge depends on the person suffering and the perpetrator. If the trouble maker is a powerful man, politicians, local dada or a criminal, even if the victim wants to take revenge then he would keep quiet fearing further reappraisals. There are many movies where the hero is wronged but he smartly plots his revenge and patiently carries on his plan to destroy the culprit without getting caught.

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    Lord Krishna has given right sermon through his Geeta upadesh that those who does wrong thing and do mistakes to others are bound to be punished and taking revenge against them is no wrong. In fact by doing so the wrong people are eliminated from the earth , other wise they will create problems for the right and good people. Even in Ramayana, the position of Ravana was same. He knows that he has done wrong by kidnapping Sita, yet he would defend his actions against the advise of his wife and his own brothers and thus makes the war inevitable and he himself dies. Here the legend says that Ravana took the revenge of Sita as she was denied him at the Swayam Var and preferred Rama to be her would be and thus paved way for Rama's victory, otherwise Ravana almost won the swayam var and he was humiliated. So vengeance and revenge were there since those days.
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    Rabindranath Thakur wrote in a poem: ''Onyay je kore ar onyay je sohe, Tobo ghrina tare jeno trinosomo dohe.'' (It means: God's curse will equally fall upon those who commit crime and who tolerate crime). We must not tolerate crime. We must resist and punish those who commit crime in any manner suitable to our ability and circumstances. Keeping the crime under the carpet and finding excuses in support of the criminals would cause God's curse fall upon us.
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    Just imagine a situation with the present world.
    Karna kills Abhimanyu. Arjun complains to police. Karnan get arrested and comes out on bail after greasing the palms of Judicial and police authorities. Later after few years, Arjun Kills Karna's son Vrishasena. Karna complains to police. Police arrests Arjun. Corrupt Karna bribes the judges and police authorities. Arjun, a decent and thorough gentleman, suffers behind the bar for life.
    This would be the result of revenge taking.
    What is your comment?

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    It is not right to take revenge. We will face some of the other problems in taking revenge also. People who are not able to control their anger and weak tend to take revenge.
    We should try and control the anger as much as we can, speak to that person and tell them that you did not like so and so about them. And rest of the things leave apart, there is no point taking revenge back.

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    It is difficult at least not to think of revenge, our history is full of events that are often as a response, a revenge for a wrong committed earlier. Often the weaker and meeker person is not able to take revenge, it needs power, courage, a degree of the rashness of thought and an eye for eye logic to start thinking and planning revenge. For instance, in politics, the loser of an election waits for his or turn to come back to power and among the first things done is the stop all the schemes started by the previous winner who had inflicted the defeat.

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