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    Be a judge, not a lawyer.

    A lawyer always argues on behalf his client only by getting some witnesses and other proofs. Always his lookout will be how to counter the arguments of the other side Lawyer. For him always it is important that his client should win. But a judge will look into the facts and figures of the case and try to see that the merit get the justice. His pursuit will be always to prevail upon the truth. He will go on the issue but not on the individual.
    These days when the issue comes we all will try to project what we think as correct. Many factors will influence our thought process and we all look how to prove that we are correct. The other person will also think the same. But it is better to be a judge and try to see that truth and fact remains. Don't take sides and bury the truth and fact underground.
    What is your idea friends?
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    We being common man have the attitude of a lawyer and cannot be a judge. To become or have the attitude of a judge one must have vast knowledge about law, about previous judgements and above all capacity to understand and weight the pros and cons of the arguments that takes place between the prosecution and the counsel. We are all doing the job of lawyers on daily basis by giving free advise to those seeking information and settling a matter. But some times our advise may be wrong and even lead to loses. Never mind , as long as people have faith and come to you to seek advise, you are great than a lawyer and judge.
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    The lawyers put forward their arguments before the Judge with the help of pieces of evidence they have. The lawyers of both the sides may think they are on the right side of the truth. One of the lawyers may be arguing on the wrong side knowingly or unknowingly. The Judges hear the arguments, consider the evidence and deliver their judgment. There will be instances where the person on the right side may not be able to provide sufficient evidence or his lawyer may not be able to put his arguments in a convincing manner. In such cases, the truth may not prevail. Whenever there is an issue, there will be arguments and counter-arguments. The truth may prevail or may not. Everyone cannot be a judge. Without clients and there is no need of judges.
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    We have to a be a lawyer and a judge, we need the get the facts correct and then bring out both sides of the argument to ensure fairness to both and then decide like a judge based on the truth and fact. Unfortunately, these days, criminals and lawbreakers with the help of money and political power can escape the law aided by lawyers exploiting the loopholes in the system. For want of personal favors and money some argue for the sake of the criminal, try to find a fault in the system and get the accused realized on the grounds of some legal irregularity. The judge needs the set of facts otherwise he would not be able to decide. The 2G spectrum case is the typical example, the judge did not get facts, hence had to release them. So, it's important to be a good lawyer with high ethical standards and a good judge at the same time. The truth should be upheld and the innocent should not be harmed and the criminal should not escape.

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    We all want to be judge, and act like a judge, but practically that does not become possible. We try and judge everyone we meet, but we take the side of the people we feel are good to be discussed. Also sometimes just like a lawyer, we are going as per the situations and have to follow people and have to listen to whom we never want to discuss anything. So, it is not possible to act like a judge in all scenarios, we need to be a lawyer and put yourself in that situation.
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    Nice. Be a judge, not a lawyer.
    A lawyer will only look at one side of the problem. But a judge will look at always look at all sides of the problem.
    A lawyer will never be good at judgement because he's bound to his client.

    In the similar way, no matter who it is, take the correct judgement. That is when you'll be a judge.

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