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    Osmania University lost a good opportunity

    There was a plan to conduct National Science Congress seminar at Osmania University from January 3rd to 7th, 2018. But due to the present atmosphere prevailing in the campus the Indian Science Congress decided to postpone the event. When it is going to be held and where it is going to be held will be decided by the Indian Science Congress on 27th of this month when the executive members of the Congress meet at Kolkatta. The suicide of a student in the university and the conditions consequent to the incident and the strike by non-teaching staff are the two major reasons for this decision. The atmosphere is very disturbed and it appears it may take a good time to bring back the normalcy in the campus. Because of this decision, the University is losing the chance of creating a permanent infrastructure with the funds that will available for conducting the congress.
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    This is really disturbing news for us. OU has been celebrating the centenary year now and conducting Indian Science Congress would have further enhanced its prestige. Only this year the NAAC team has given certification also to the University, and when every thing was going on smoothly the sudden suicide of a student in Manjra hostel has brought bad reputation to the OU and thus authorities felt this is not the right time to hold such grand meeting. However TRS government is famous for organising world class meeting and this would have been a cake walk. Let us see if reconsideration can be done.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Apart from funds, it is a matter of pride to hold a National congress in science or any other discipline. Once an university is able to host successfully such meetings, then it's visibility and reputation improves and makes it attractive for organizers of future such meets. It's unfortunate that unrest and strikes have made this event to be postponed. Postponement of such major science meetings although sad, would be safer if safety cannot be assured for the delegates and others involved in the event.The last meeting was held in Thirupati, with almost 10000 scientists taking part, even Nobel prize winners had come for that meeting. For the 105th meeting more than 20 Nobel prize winners were expected to attend. Did the university officials attempt to diffuse the crisis and broker a peace deal so that the congress could go as planned? Now, it would be a logistical nightmare for the organizers to reschedule with a loss in revenue along with an embarrassing moment for the Indian Science Congress.

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