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    Switch off and say bye to standby

    I remember my younger days when there used to be a lot of power failure in my town and I used to study in a candlelight or under an oil lamp. During summer power situation was even grimmer and I was forced to study waving hand fan or newspaper to prevent perspiration drops falling on the book. Sadly, generators were not popular at that time and also people could not afford it.

    Today the situation has changed. In bigger cities even if there is a power failure most of the houses and apartments are having diesel generators which switch on as soon as there is a power failure. Hence people do not feel the impact of power failure so much. So working under a candle or oil lamp has become rare nowadays. Today's generation of kids probably won't be aware of this problem of power failure since they are not getting impacted by it due to alternate sources of power.

    In spite of the shortage of power, it is very disheartening to see how people waste electricity, especially in big cities and towns. Many times I see lights glowing inside the office buildings even late at night. In many houses Microwave, TV and other electrical equipment are continuously in standby mode and people never switch it off. WiFi routers in residences and offices are also always on and people do not care to switch them off. These people are usually financially well off and they do not care even if electricity bill is slightly more. People justify it by saying that it does not matter as it does not consume much electricity if the appliance is kept in standby mode but it is not true as every little electricity saved matters. Imagine if all the citizens in the country care and try to save even this little electricity, it can combine to a huge saving in electricity that can light up several dark houses.

    So it is high time that people understand the importance of electricity in our life and switch off gadgets when not in use and say by to standby mode.
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    Nice post on saving power. That is right that we should understand the requirements of power consumption and switch off the lights whenever it is not needed. We need to focus on conservation of energy as much as we can, power conservation plays a major role in this.
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    I accept everything mentioned except WiFi modems or routers. These days we are habituated to using Internet day and night. The same connection will be used by all in the house.Switching off the modem and routers may save power but we do not know when someone in the house may feel like using the internet. I justify leaving the modem and routers switched on.
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    Dear Member,
    While I fully accept your suggestion to save electricity by saying good bye to standby mode, I don't fully support it. We all citizens have become netizens to have our communication system on for 24 hours. The UPS need to be continuously charged to meet the power failure.

    The electricity is not really consumed by the common man. It is the business establishments who waste the power by having hundreds of lights in any one shop. If government can order to reduce the number of lights in the shops and marketing areas, we will have no shortage of electricity.

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    I agree to member's view on always On Wifi routers as these days people want 24X7 internet connectivity. I think there is nothing wrong with it as long as it is needed. Same with UPS being kept fully charged. But I wanted to highlight the case when people sometimes even when not connected to internet leave their routers on overnight and do not care to switch it off. Same holds true for appliances like microwave ovens, TV, and STBs which are normally kept in standby mode continuously even when not being used for a long time ahead even overnight sometimes. Reason for this is that people think that who will switch AC supply on and off every time?

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    Agree with the author that we are not suppose to waste power and store it for future use. In front of my house the new LED street light has been fixed removing the sodium vapour lamps as a measure to have control over power consumption. But the light was not connected to the main switch where other poles are connected and thus this particular LED lighting system goes on glowing day and night and no one bothers to rectify it. When complained to the authorities, they expressed ignorance to solve the problem, Just because of faulty wiring, the street is glowing day and night.
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    It is very much hearting to note that we are all wasting lot of power. We have a shortage of power. Even then we never care about saving the power. We will not switch off the unwanted lights in the houses. We keep serial lights and keep them whole night glowing. In all the offices when there is no necessity also we will not switch off lights and fans. It is not only a waste of money to the individual but also a national waste. For genuine causes, this power is not available. So we should not waste the power.
    I studied under kerosene lights till my 12th class. We got power only in my 12th class. We used to carry our own kerosene lamp to the tuition. Even summer we were not having fans and we were sleeping in open area for a breeze. But these days that necessity is not there. I like to advise the people to understand the importance and save the power.

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    A thread with a relevant message of energy saving that takes the reader back to the good old days. We grew up with mandatory power cuts that were regular and at times unpredictable. Many of us hardly have seen a generator at home apart from the noisy ones seen in commercial places. Power cuts used to last for 4 hours or more at a stretch. Studies and writing homework were with candles and small glass topped kerosene lamps with a wick if you made it brighter the smoke and soot would be obvious. It had to be the correct level so that, we can carry on with our work. There were no thoughts about TV or radio during power cuts. Today, even when the power goes off, it comes quickly via the generators or UPS. The author is correct, just because we can afford it, we should not waste power. We need to conserve it. Standby mode is very common including the kitchen appliances and our entertainment gadgets, we can easily switch them off.

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