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    Why do we feel boredom?

    What are the reasons to feel bored or less enthusiastic? Boredom is a state of mind when we feel dull, uninteresting and its like there is nothing exciting left to be done.
    We follow a regular routine, getting up for work, preparing our lunch, going office, coming back home, eating food and finally go to bed and sleep.
    Following this same pattern every day and we want to cherish our every day. Sometimes we feel like roaming around to relax, go for an outing to refresh our minds. Still why we sometimes lack the enthusiasm to work or do something exciting. It feels like we have no thoughts to explore.

    Are there any specific reasons for it? Some people think that they got everything in their hand, what they should explore. Nothing makes their life interesting. Or does it depend upon what kind of work you are doing, that is of your interest or not? I feel there might be multiple reasons attached to it. I am still trying to explore one.
    What do you do when you feel bored?
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    When you study economics, there we are taught about law of diminishing returns. That means if we keep on doing the same work again and again, the boredom sets in and our performance graph also comes down. For example if you go in tilling the land and having the same crop every year the yield from the land would be diminishing and at one stage the yield would zero even. Same way if we habituated to do same work daily without change in it, we turn to feel the boredom and wants to take a break. That is the reason so some people go for smoking to kill that boredom which distracts their performance.
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    You posted this at 2 in the morning. I can tell by that you were bored to hell. I always used to think that humans alone are bored.
    But animals too feel bored.
    "Game killing" is very common in animal kingdom. And the cubs and pups play with each other. What we call boredom is actually the absence of work.
    When you have nothing to do, you feel frustrated. That was the moment when humans realised art helps.
    Boredom is a long period of un-productive time.
    So, you can perform any kind of art in that.
    Sure, you can play games too, but art can give you both financial and spiritual happiness.

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    Good observation by Aditya. I am happy that you chose to get up and tried to do something without lying on the bed unable to sleep and allowing all kinds of thoughts to disturb you. In a way, you found a means of killing your boredom. We all have almost routine lives. There may not be anything to change it but we can try to do the same chores in a different manner. When we like the work we are doing we do not feel boredom or tiredness. Developing a likeness towards what we are doing also one way. I am a retired person with nothing to do. I try to play chess online which engages me with no other thoughts. I invite my friends to my home and go to them also. Billiards is a game which I like the most and spend my time going to my club. Travel is another means of spending time happily. I always recommend this for everyone to make an outing whenever possible. I do not feel any boredom even though I am leading a complete retired life.
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    Why people get bored?
    How to escape from boredom?
    Solution is read ISC forum posts and responses!
    You need stimulation and entertainment which can motivate to search novel experiences.
    Boredom is a personality trait. Engaging in tasks that are monotonous is the prime cause of boredom. It is to be avaoided.Negative consequences are depression, substance abuse, absenteeism from work, reduced job satisfaction etc. Men are likely to report feeling bored than women. Singles are more likely to get bored than married. Age is also a factor. A 25 year old is more likely to get bored than 45 year old. Level of education, income, employment status etc are also showed a relationship to the level of reported boredom

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    In my opinion, a person feel boredom when doesn't have work to do or motivation to do it. Most people who are focused and want to achieve something, always find something to do they keep looking for things which lead them to the path of self-betterment and thus never have time to get bored.
    So if someone really feels bored he/she should try to find a motivation, a focus and hence will automatically find work to stay busy and will never be bored.

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    @Aditya: No, I did not feel bored at that time, in fact that is the time I prefer to do any sort of writing. Well, yes in most of the cases I do feel bored, then I think why, but then again I think do I still need to do something fantastic? My mind gets stuck there.
    @Neeraj: yes, that is what I always do, but ISC has not only been a source of entertainment but a great source of inspiration for me.

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    I appreciate the author for raising a nice thread.
    It is true that sometimes we feel bored and feel like running away from the routine work and have something special and interesting. I agree that this is a state of the mind. As discussed doing the same work, again and again, may give rise to some boredom. So what I try always is exploiting a new method for the same work. Then we feel a little enthusiastic about the outcome. ISC is really a mind refresher. When you feel like exhausted and getting bored, start working on ISC like reading a good article or reading various Ask Expert questions and answers or reading some threads will make you afresh and take away your boredom. It is a medium for all who want to get educated and continue their learning.

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    Humans are creatures of habit, most of us find comfort in the daily known routines rather than the unknown entities in our lives. But the mind and spirit in some of us can't be chained or dictated to follow a repetitive pattern. It wants to explore, it wants new challenges, it seeks a diversion, it yearns to explore and learn more and more new things. So, I'm happy that people feel bored, which means they have an opportunity to do something better. Some just time or eat and go to sleep when bored. But I see that you've posted this thread at 3 AM, if you were really bored and posted this, you've proved me correct. When I'm bored, I use that as an opportunity to unwind. Have a good cup of coffee, have a short walk, read about something unusual and learn from it. I spend some time on ISC, read write up about achievers and motivators. Watch some animal documentaries of Nat Geo etc.

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