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    Don't let the negative vibes stop you

    I have experienced that negative thoughts spread faster than the positive ones.
    You try to make up your mind to achieve something hard and you have almost made it and you are all set as soon as someone comes and say to you "You got to make a real hard effort for it, this piece is very hard to achieve." You are brought back again and started thinking "Will I be able to do it, do I have that much caliber?" A few moments back you were near to that tough target.
    This was just an example of how fast the negativity spreads and affects your inner peace.

    Because of an unknown negative thought, we give up on our task and forget the positive outcomes we will get after completing it. Negativity is like stretched outer roots of a tree which will hold you and tighten you up, that you will feel like you are not able to get out of it until you make a lot of efforts to break it and come out of it.
    Positivity has to be attained with a patient mindset. You need to focus on the good outcomes to attain positivity. Focus on the results and not on the process, that will make the target easy.
    If you focus on the path, the target will stay far from you always and you will not be able to achieve it. So, focus on what the results will bring to attain a positive state of mind. Do not let the negative vibes stop you from what you love to achieve.
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    Nice thread from the author. Yes there are trouble makers and distractions around us and we should not be bowed down by those temporary phenomenon . Our aim should be on the target and never say or reveal to any one what we are doing or attempting. Negative vibes are bound to happen within us and also from outside sources. Those coming from within us can be consoled and forgotten. But those negative vibes coming from others would be taken to heart by us and thus the work gets hampered. In fact until the work task is finished, it is better not to have any contact with the outside world for our benefit. And how the positive attitude can be developed within us, by recollecting the past success stories which were achieved with great elan. Such attitude must always be there within us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Yes, it is true that negative vibe of our's affects us more and in a longlasting way. And I connect with a funny analogy of my own in which sometimes I feel like that similar to an electronic gadget which has filter and amplifier in them.
    In this type of circuits of gadgets which first filter a negative or positive signal from both types of signal and then amplifies one of them according to gadget requirement our mind too have a filter and amplifier and most of the time the filter-amplifier of negative signals works and suppress the positive filter-amplifier combination.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    It is very true. The negative qualities will come easier than the good qualities. Always negative thoughts will affect you more easily than positive thoughts. When we thought of doing work immediately we will get a feeling that we may not be able to do that. If we get this feeling we will really feel difficult to achieve that. Instead of that if we think how we can make it successful and plan for that chances of winning will be great. the everyday morning when we get up if we start the day with a thinking that the day will be successful, we will achieve our goals and the day will be ours, we will have all positive things on that day. So we all should develop a positive thinking mind, we will be successful. We should not get worried about the problem. But we should think how to overcome the problem. That attitude will give you victory in your life.
    always confident

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    Negative vibes and thoughts strike us when we are weak. In life, when things don't go as planned, when all our efforts seem to be unfruitful, we start doubting ourselves, we doubt our fate, our stars and what is in store for us. It is at these times of difficulty and low self-esteem that negative thoughts repeatedly visit us. Once they start, the continue as a chain of thoughts that is difficult to break out from. Hence it is very important to curtail these negative thoughts quickly with faith, hope, and trust in Almighty and ourselves. Once we start incorporating these positive thoughts and dwell on the positive energy, we would be able to change ourselves and work harder, focus harder and have perseverance in our journey forwards. So, yes negativity stops us or slows us but its temporary only to be replaced by positivity, the time taken for this change can be regulated by the individual him/herself. The sooner we move out of negativity, the better it is for us.

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