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    Who will be the Vice Governor for a state?

    In India there are posts for a President and deputy president(vice president), There are posts for a Chief Minister and deputy chief minister in the state.There are posts for Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister if it is so A governor is the first citizen of the state are there governor and deputy governor for a state.If so, who will be the vice governor of a state or deputy governor of a state? for example, name the deputy governor of your own state? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    Agree that we have President and Vice President, but the role of Vice president is different. He is the chairman of the Rajya Sabha. Governor is the representative of the President of India in every state of India. It is not a busy post. The Governor has no much role to play. Hence he need not to have a vice or deputy or assistant. In the absence of Governor in a state, a governor of another state takes additional charge of other state as directed by the president of India.
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    As far as my knowledge goes Governor is the representative of the central government and directly under the control of President to over see the functioning of the state government whether they are being done within the purview of law. While a President has the vice president to assist him and the VP would be the chairman of RS. But in the state , the governor himself has limited role and thus vice governor post is not required at all. In fact during the atrocities committed by governor Ramlal, the then CM NTR gone to the extent of demanding abolition of governor post altogether.
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    A suitable choice to the position can be the Speaker of the Assembly. Or the chairman of the Upper house of the State, if any. We have at the Centre the Vice President acting as the Chairman of Rajyasabha. However, there is no such a constitutional post - Vice Governor.

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    As far as my knowledge goes there is no Vice Governor or Deputy Governor post in any state of India. For the entire nation President is the supreme and all others are under him only. He is the first citizen of the country. Every state will have a Governer. He will be the representative of the President of the state. The role played by the President in the central government, is the same as that of Governor in the state.But the president is elected by all MLAs and MPs. But Governor is nominated by the president. These Governor posts are rehabilitation posts The ruling party at the centre will nominate these posts. So the influence of governor will be more on the ruling party at the centre. There are no deputy posts for him. The Vice President at the centre is the chairman of Rajya Sabha. In the state, we have a legislative council and the chairman of this sabha can be made as deputy/vice governor. Any time this may happen in our couhtyr.,
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    The Governor of the state is a mini version of the President of the country. Both should not have any political bias and the party affiliations. Governor posts are often relatively powerless posts that are reserved for politicians and bureaucrats who are past their prime but cannot retire soon from public life. Governors are appointed by the President and some reach a state wherein they are not even able to speak the state's language at important functions of the state. Often the Governor post is given as an unofficial token of appreciation by a particular party in power, leading to issues of Governors towing the line of the party they unofficially owe their existence to. Governors are unceremoniously called as rubber stamps at the state level when such is the role of themselves, they (Governor) do not need one more mini additional Vice Governor ( another smaller rubber stamp).

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