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    Serpents are sacred in Hinduism. Why people kill them?

    Wondered why serpents are killed despite being considered sacred in Hinduism? Join in this discussion.

    In Hinduism, many of the Gods are associated with serpents. Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Goddess Manasa Devi are associated with serpents. Similarly, we can see that Lord Ganesha, Adi Shakthi Parvati Devi and Lord Murugan having cobras as ornaments. The serpents are also visualized as the guardians of temples. They also represent Kundalini Shakti.

    Usually, we see that people are afraid of them. They try to kill them when they are encountered. The serpents are supposed to not harm the people unless provoked. In spite of a serpent being regarded as devotees of the God, why people kill them?
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    Well. Killing snakes can cause Sarpa dosam in your fate.
    You see, I don't believe in fate, gods or anything. But I once killed a tadpole. Intentionally. Because it was ugly. But the very second moment my mom slapped me and I fell on the ground. She said," you're ugly too. Should I kill you?"
    I then tried to repair the dying frog but I couldn't help watching life ebbing out of it's struggling body. I swore since then that I will never kill an animal without a reason.
    Killing is only justified for a living.
    Snakes don't hold grudge. They're completely harmless if you didn't provoke them.

    Doesn't every religion propagate love and harmony? Why do we promote killing so much then? We canonized animals to conserve them. Not to kill them.
    I love reptiles and I hate everyone who hurts them.

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    What Vedas say that if some one pose danger or some animals may cause you death, then attacking them or killing them is not considered vengeance or bad. Even in Mahabharatha Lord Krishna was the witness to so many deaths that occurred in Kurukshetra and for that Lord says that you are killing those who were against and those who are part of hatching camp. By the way not all the snakes are sacred and we worship Cobra. But people have the fear factor that the Cobras have the tendency to take revenge if it was left with semi injury and thus they kill the snake. But snakes wont bite us just like that, if we happen to be on their path, they may harm us and for that reason we need not take the revenge of killing it. When we were in our old house, so many cobras have been seen and we ignore its moments because our colony is amidst their hideouts and we cannot deny their living.
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    Your thread will follow as below:
    1. Why do will kill rat/mouse by poisioning them? Aren't the vehicle of Lord Ganesh?
    2. Why do we kill cows? Aren't they worshipped as Komatha?
    3. Why do we kill the bulls? Aren't they the Nandi, the agent and Vehicle of Lord Shiva?
    4. Why do we kill dogs? Aren't they supporter and guard for Lord Bhairava?
    5. Why do we hunt for peacock? Aren't they the vehicle of Lord Karthikeya?
    6. Why do we hunt lions? Aren't they the vehicle of Goddess Durga?

    As of now, we don't kill any serpant. We inform the fire service to catch them and leave it in the jungle.
    7. Why do we offer infants to Gods? Aren't they the creature of the same God?

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    It is said that you have no right to end the life of anything, unless you have the capacity to give back the life to it. So killing is not recommended by anybody. But it will have to be done for self protection. Among snakes many are poisonous. Many of us do not know which is having and which is not having poison. So nobody wants to take risk. If a snake is seen nearby everybody try to kill it. Only limited number of people will try to send it back to its resting place.
    Earlier in most of the house plots belonging to somewhat rich had an abode for snakes. The people there worship the snakes. There will be snakes' heads carved out of granite fixed on a platform. Everyday oil lamp will be lit and worshipped by the household people. Once in every year certain ritualisticfunctions will be held there. There are temples for serpents (snakes) attached to certain old families. In some temples also there will be small sub temples for snakes.
    About four or five decades back in Kerala in most of the some what rich families a separate abode was maintained for snakes, may be one cent or more sized plots kept separately with a partition wall as the home for snakes. No cutting or cleaning will be done within this space. Natural growth of different varieties of plants will be taking place there. This help preserve the underwater and provide water to the neighbouring wells. Thus this temple for snakes has an environmental importance too.


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    Just I forgot to add another incident related to snake in my house. A large sized snake - Perumpampu - came into my compound early morning more than one month back. My compound gate is about hundred metres away from my house. Some of the neighbours happened to see this snake sneaking into my compound through the gate. It was dark and we were yet to wake up. Morning by about 6.00 a.m. I was contacted over the phone and informed about the snakes entry into my compound. I went around the house and could not locate it. Later I went to the Forest Office and sought their help. One of the officers came with me and searched for it. It was not there. But after one week another report of the same nature came from a house located about half a km. away. They intimated to the police and because of immediate action it was caught. They carried it in a large bag and handed over to the Forest department. As per rules large snakes should be handed over to forest department live.

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    Sun, you are creating ideas where there are none. Even at my house, some are killed when we asked for help after spotting them. We never bother if they are passing on the road. Now they are not to be seen much as the mango plantation by the side of the house is cleared.
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    Yes, snakes are related to religion and every Hindu worships snake in those form as depicted in our mythology and also respect those philosophies written in our mythological texts too. But fear gets bigger than any other emotion or expression and suppress rationality inside a human and when he sees a snake it triggers that fears inside us.
    And even if the snake is not harming anyone its the person's fear which makes him to that kill snake.
    For eg- if somehow a snake enter's a person's house that person will definitely fear for his life here his religious values will be suppressed by the fear of death by poison of snake, and I don't think that any normal person would like to keep snake inside his home just because it is figure to be worshipped in many forms.
    Fear prevails all other emotional and other emotion like compassion, philosophy and religious sentiments which come secondary to it.
    Its a normal scenario about a fear which I mentioned but India is a country full of exceptions and there are various places in India where not only snakes are worshipped but kept inside the home like a family member.

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    In Kukke Subrahmanya Temple devoted to Lord Subrahmanya, there is a seva called "Sarpa Sanskara" and " Naga Pratishta" for relief from "Nagahatya dosham".
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    The nature of the people to be safe as much as possible. The people accustomed to worship snakes as the symbol of God. Like this, there are many other animals which are the symbols of God. The Bull for Siva, the mouse for Vinayaka, The Peacock for subrahmanya andThe Lion of Sakthi. So thinking these are all associated with the GOD's we will try to worship to the maximum extent possible. But when it comes to our safety we have to take care of our survival. With that fear, they will try to kill the dangerous animals. In our Organisation our testing station is a little far away and it is in almost a forest. Once in a while, we used to go there. One day we have gone there (Myself and two assistants) and opened the door of the room. A big snake was there inside the room. Immediately we three came out and waited for about 10 minutes. The snake slowly went into the forest. Then we have gone inside and completed the work. We have observed a big hole on one side of the wall. I have got it closed so that there is no chance for a snake to come inside when it is locked.
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    If some one wants to see the live Cobra coming out of its bin during the Pooja on fridays then welcome to Naga devatha temple in the Secunderabad cantonment area and see for yourself amid public.
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    Humans have a love, hate relationship with snakes. Snakes have been in our mythology for many years and is the symbol of good. It is adored many temple sculptures and GOd's image. Most temples have a separate place for worship of snakes. Ladies perform various poojas on Fridays at the temples. Many offer milk and there a popular video of a big cobra worshipped at a temple ( Many people don't hurt snakes and call the snake catchers or helplines to capture and release them far off. With the rapid expansion of cities and the wooded areas being encroached, it's a common sight for a snake to be seen near houses in the new layouts or old large ancestral houses with big gardens. When safety is concerned people attack and often kill the snake. Few months ago, I had read a report about Shetpal village, Sholapur district, Maharastra wherein snakes freely roam in houses with children, these snakes are wild snakes, not tamed ones. They are offered food and shelter.

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