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    Overwhelmed to receive super contributor badge. Thanks to ISC for the recognition.

    When I visited my profile today , I could find a super contributor badge with a good narration. Truly ISC has recognised my contributions here and awarded the badge. But when you visit the forum it is Natarajan and Dr Rao who were leading with their thoughtful and wonderful messages and that gave them the leading as super stars in the forum section. I have been consistently contributing in the forum as a routine and glad that even such kind of activity is recognised here and I am overwhelmed by that. My sincere thanks to the ISC administration.
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    Hearty Congrats.You deserve it and got it. You had it, now have it, and you will have it forever as long as ISC is there on the web world. Forum is Mohan, and Mohan is forum. No forum without Mohan, and No Mohan without forum. I can add on to speak about your glory.
    No life without Sun

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    A good news indeed. There is nobody else deserving this particular badge related to forum. Congratulations Mr. Mohan. Keep it up and share your knowledge to each of the ISCian in future also. Hearty congratulations once again.

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    Congratulations Mohan Sir, very happy to hear this, a truly deserving badge for you. I wish you always keep lighting us with your thoughts and ideas.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Mohan is the inspiration many who are doing a good job in the Forum section. He is a consistent player on this forum section. When we think about forum we will remember Mohan. Whenever we think about Mohan we will remember Forum. That is the bond between these two. In the entire ISC, Mohan should be given first the badge from forum section. All others are after Mohan only. My hearty congratulations to Mohan for his success. I wish many more such awards in future on ISC as well as on other walks of his life.
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    Congratulations to Mr. Mohan for Super Contributer badge. You are members available all around in the forum. It deserv to you.

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    Congratulations on this well-deserved award, the badge of honor sir. Your presence in the forum is very much appreciated with simple thoughtful threads. The recent thread that I liked the most was that of the boy checking his mobile and the girl misunderstand that he is taking her picture. These are events in daily life, seen by many but to give it a shape as a forum thread needs skill. Your thread on Aditya is truly the dream of every father, but not many would have come out with it on a forum with such true simple words. Thanks for your kind appreciation of my little contribution of the forum, as mentioned earlier, I love the forum because of the ease with which I can interact with you and the other forum members and have a healthy discussion. All the very best sir.

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