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    Students these days are becoming insomniac persons

    Do you think the present generation of students are increasingly becoming insomniacs as compared to previous generations? What could be the possible reasons?

    Students, especially the ones who live in hostels away from home, are getting insomniac these days. They get habituated of studying full night during exams and normally stay awake because of their smartphones too and, hence find it difficult to sleep early.

    This has become a common phenomenon among students. Their lifestyle has become such that they can stay awake for 3 to 4 am even more, but then found it difficult to wake up early in the morning. They are so habituated of this lifestyle they like to stay away from home so that no one can interfere in this sphere of their life, not even parents. And parents often find it difficult to cope up with this lifestyle of their children.

    What to do you think of this kind of lifestyle? As a parent do you allow your children to live such lifestyle? Or being a student do you like this kind of lifestyle or live this way?

    Give your answer to what you really think about this lifestyle as per the role you play in this form of lifestyle whether parent or relative of such insomniac children, a distant observer or the student himself/herself.

    I am a student and I have also experienced this insomniac behavior during my college life but I never let it become my habit and now I can adjust to any lifestyle.
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    The Insomniac behaviour of people is more with the students and young people. As a parent, I am not able to digest this type of attitude. Not sleeping in the night up to 3 or 4 AM, and not getting up till 10 or 11 Am in the morning. Those students will miss many classes and they may not be able to do good. It is always better to go to bed by maximum 11 PM and get up by 6 AM. My both sons will never wake up to late night. They were going to sleep by 10 PM and getting up by maximum 7 AM. Now both of them are in jobs. Even now they are getting up early and going to bed early. As a student, I was in the hostel for about 2 years. All my friends we were sitting together up to maximum 11 PM and next day morning We were getting up by 7 AM maximum. Never experienced this attitude of noting sleeping up to 3 AM and getting up at 11 AM.
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    This kind of behavior is usually observed in gamers and toppers.
    Insomnia comes by practice. Blue lights are associated with attention. All our electronic devices emit blue lights. So keeping them and using them while trying to sleep will ruin your sleep pattern.
    Red and Orange lights make you sleep at once.
    Insomniacs are different from nocturnal. Nocturnals sleep in the morning atleast. But insomniacs are restless even at day.
    Severe insomnia leads to paranoia and confusion.

    Gaming till late night will increase your alertness and makes it very hard to sleep.
    Students preparing for exams too, don't sleep for a very long time and this pattern gets habituated in them.

    How to eliminate insomnia behavior then:
    1. Keep electronic devices away.
    2. Change the color of lights.
    3. Avoid sleeping for long in afternoons.
    A small nap is actually better to give you sleep at night.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The education sector has become over-commercialized with self enforced courses and rankings to get into the much sought after branches of graduation and post-graduation so that the dream of a good career becomes a reality.Many parents spend a huge amount of money on securing the seat in a reputed school, then college and high tuition fees and expensive after school coaching classes. I think the pressure to perform almost is inbuilt from the high school onwards. My children are given projects that even we as parents fail to understand the need to such intensity. It is a well known fact that parents have to contribute to their children's homework and project work. In all this highly charged atmosphere, the children are either forced or they themselves develop the urge to excel. Given this desire and the voluminous subject portion and the competition, there is no way but to study for long hours and have an unhealthy life pattern. As long as children are not pressurized, they can sustain this at their 12th year and competitive exams so that they have a good life ahead.

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