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    Khans and Kapoors rule the Hindi filmdom. Agree or disagree?

    Will you agree or disagree if I say that the Khans and Kapoors are ruling the Hindi filmdom? I have seen Prithviraj Kapoor, and now seeing his great-grandson Randhir Kapoor. Also seeing Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor. And I am seeing very many Khans - SharuKhan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, and many other Khans.
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    Yes, I agree that Khand and Kapoors are ruling the Hindi movie industry and seems like that it will go on in the same manner. As there is Gandhi family in the politics similarly Kapoor and Khan family in the movie industry.
    And as there are already many generation and branches to these family more number of people of these families to enter in Bollywood and it difficult for the people from normal background to reach the zenith in the Bollywood industry seeing the competition from the very beginning.

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    Like politics in Film Industry also family legacy continues and as said by author Kapoors and Khans has much innings in the Hindi Filmdom. The reason is that the producers and directors have fixed mind and does not have the knack to bring out acting calibre from new entrants. For them taking work from the family decedent is easy as they are habituated with the so called artists from the childhood itself . If you take Tamil or Telugu films, new faces are imported even from Bollywood. Even though the actor or actress wont know the local languages , they are made to act with dubbing artist giving their voice over. Such was the talent in directors of South. But Mumbai producers and directors wont take that risk and they are ready to shell huge money and want the hero from those two families and thus they are assured of investment on returns.
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    It is Khan and Kapoor families in Bollywood ruling the screen world. Even new faces come also they are not able to establish themselves in the field for various reasons. This is due to the legacy they are getting from their parents and grandparents in the field.In Telugu films even though there are NTR's and ANR's family members are there in the Tollywood, the other new faces also coming and shining. The advantage they have is from their young age they will be observing the total field by accompanying their parents and they are getting habituated to the field and going for the same field. A son of a Lawyer can become a good Lawyer and a doctor's son can become a good doctor by working with their fathers in the initial stages of their working. Similarly in our country, as mentioned by earlier authors, the Gandhi family has ruled the Country and politics for a long time and still, they are ruling the Congress.
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    I fully agree with this statement. Khans and Kapoors are ruling the Bollywood industry. Their acting skills have proved them always. It is like they have been inheriting it from their parents. Like Ranveer Kapoor, the son of Rishi Kapoor, his acting skills are amazing. Similarly, in Khans, Shahrukh, Salman, and Aamir Khan are the best and have no match.
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    Very true, since a long time, the stars of Khan and Kapoor generations have ruled over Bollywood and left their indelible mark. Many people feel born into a family of established actors makes life easier and opens more doors. But to survive in the entertainment industry it takes more than that, it needs talent, hard work and determination to reach the top. Still, remember the hit movies are these stars and the fan following they had. I think, what made them truly good actors was their talent before the arrival of mega-budget movies and multicrore film sets. Whether it was action, comedy or drama, these stars essayed their roles well. These have been bankable names in the industry so much so that an average film or a flop that comes by once in few years is analyzed thoroughly and the reason is not with the actors but the wrong story and the wrong cast. There are few such family names going on in the regional languages but none have been more successful than the Khans and Kapoors of Bollywood.

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    You have made an incorrect family tree by stating "..... and now seeing his great grandson Randhir Kapoor." Note that Randhir Kapoor is the grandson & Ranbir Kapoor is the great grandson of Prithviraj Kapoor. It is also Shah Rukh Khan and not SharuKhan.

    Pooja - note that it is Ranbir and not Ranveer.

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    Sorry Vandana,
    The Kapoor family tree is so big that I got confused with its branches. No problem. The discussion is about Kapoors and Khans, nothing in particular about one Kapoor or one Khan. After all, I am from the south with no Kapoor and Khan.

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    yes we can say that they are considered as the king of Bollywood as their whole family was a part of Bollywood industry and even the coming generation is also the part of Bollywood .As it is considered to be the most richest family among Bollywood industry. They have given many good performances and made their name in the film industry...they are a very eminent and an enormous family......even the khan's has shown a very rocking performances especially Sharukh khan who has created a bench mark for people .He is a good example or i would say an inspiration for the amateur actors.His acting is so spellbinding and luring that makes you weep,lured and spellbounded. His acting is quite unique and impeccable......

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    Actually the bonding which we get from the name Khans and Kapoors are so close to the audience that we get connected to every single actor whose title is Khan or Kapoor, earlier in the golden days the same we follow to Kumars and Khannas.
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    True, but no actual. While the Kumars of the past viz Sanjiv Kumar, Raj kumar, Kishore Kumar, Uttam Kumar & Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna, etc were Kumars and Khannas of the Hindi cinema,, the Kapoors are from the same family from Pritiviraj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor (Great grandfather to great-grandson)

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    Let us be clear that no one can make it big in the film industry unless he is talented and to some extent, lucky. Coming to your query, it is a fact that it is the Kapoors and Khans who are ruling Bollywood now. And how can we forget the legendary Amitabh Bachan who is still a sure shot for producers? I don't think such stardom or star value has got anything to do with their title, it is their talent to act and the charisma to pull the crowd to the theaters that make them what they are.
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    Sorry Vandana Mam, I forgot about his spelling.

    I agree Saji sir, we cannot forget Amitabh Bachchan sir if we are talking of Bollywood. I have always loved his film 'Baghbaan'. A very nice family entertainment movie. The one more than I will count on is 'Pink'

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    So far as I understand, some heroes and directors of present days have been forming unhealthy cartels and not allowing promising youngsters to get their dues. These so called heroes are ruling Bollywood since last part of 1980s. I can site the example of Hrithik Roshan, who has not got due recognition to his acting prowess due to the fact that he has not been member of any such cartel.
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    Partha, this is nothing new in the film industry. This was there from the early stages of Bollywood and one had to strive hard to break the shell and get into the field and then again prove themselves to sustain in the field. As for Hrithik Roshan, I think it is more a matter of personal choice that is restricting the number of his films. For example, I have read that he is not giving dates to any producers for the time being because he is waiting for the script of Krishh 3 by his father Rakesh Roshan to be completed.
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    Let me give an example. I watched this film of Hrithik Roshan and Aisharya Rai. As far as my knowledge of film direction, editing and acting, this film has been really great in the recent days. Many film critiques have also opined in similar line. However, I have heard that due to the strong cartels working against the film, the film has not been a grand success.

    How many of you have watched 'Guzaarish' (released in 2010)? This is a really great movie which makes us understand the acting prowess of Hrithik Roshan. But the film was not that popular.

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    I have watched the movie 'Guzaarish', its a very nice movie with a good concept, Hrithik played an awesome role of a Magician in that film. Yes, you are right Partha sir, in spite of being a very good film, it could not produce glamour at the box office.
    But Hrithik has mostly been working like this and moving according to his father's Rakesh Roshan instructions. He remains more busy with the movies that his father is directing and so he refuse for any other roles. The best example is his first movie "Kaho Na Pyar ha" - which was such a big hit at the box office and was loved by the country.

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    Ms. Srivastava: I recall that after the grand success of ''Kaho Na Pyar Hai', there was various threat call to his father. I also do understand there are various unhealthy tactics played against him, which I don't want to mention here. In short, some established figures (heroes and directors) of Mumbai film industry don't want new heroes to compete against the established heroes. Perhaps those 50+ heroes continue to act as heroes even after reaching their seventies.
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    I have no other option but agree to the statement. Though there are many talented actors in the industry like rajkumar Rao, Vicky kaushal, ranveer Singh, they are emerging and becoming more successful day by day but as of now it is Kapoor's and Khan's who are ruling the industry.
    Until we have Karan johar he'll keep the spirit alive by introducing more new Kapoor's and Khan's.

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    Madam, please don't respond to the threads which are more than ten days old.
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