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    What are you on this good earth?

    Wah! He is a lakhpathi, OMG! She is a Crorepathi, My god! He is a millionaire, She is a Billionaire. Oh! They are Multi-millionaires. Alas! He is a poor fellow - is what we hear.
    What are you? A lakhpathi or Crorepathi or a Millionaire or a Billionaire or Multi-millionaire or Zillionaire?
    And what you want to be one among the pathis or .....naires?
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    I am the pathi of my wife. She is my pathni. I don't know. I am a happy man with my family. Two sons staying with me and settled in their life. Two daughters in law helping their mother in law in daily routine. We are all enjoying the new arrival of the family, my granddaughter. My age old parents helping me and advising on major issues in my life. I am a well-satisfied man now. A good job and good publications. A good recognition in the field of my working area. I am blessed with the highest academic degree. I have visited a good number of countries. I represented in many seminars and workshops. I have guided 4 to 5 people in getting their Doctorate degrees. With these achievements, I feel I am a blessed man and I am not worried I am a Crorepathi or millionaire. So I say I am a pathi to my Patni. I don't expect anything more than this.
    always confident

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    I am neither a lakhpathi or crorepathi but a simple prajapathi. That means I reach out to those who need my service on any matter. People consult me for many government issues, about addresses, how to move with the government officials and what to talk with the government officers. For the colony I have been very active in getting the roads, street lights, sweet water pipe line and finally drainage connection. Though the colony was established in the year 1977, the residents were not bothered about the basic facilities they can demand from the council and thus after myself took over as the secretary of the colony much activity has been done. So that legacy is still continued as people would ask me for suggestions and advise. I may be helpful to them always. So instead of lakhpathi and crorepathi I feel elated to be prajapathi.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am a simple human being, raised by my wonderful parents. I have always aimed to keep them happy. Wealth is all material, it will not go with us when we die. What will remain on this earth and we as memory, is a nice behavior, our good relationships with our people around, fame also plays a role here, as that covers up the majority of the people of our country. So, we should be happy in whatever role we are playing in our life.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Mr. Sun, I want to ask something, you have a habit of adding 'good' to every word that you emphasize on. Does it play any specific role in adding this word to important sentences, or you just like framing sentences in this way?
    Do what inspires you !!

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    I am a zillionaire because in zillion ways I am blessed - with a wonderful family, lovely friends & the One Above to take care of me.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Is it the amount of money one earn or one posses that decided one's personality ? Crorepathies or lakhpathies or whatever it may be the person must have a comfortable life with good family and loving friends and relatives. Also a comfortable living conditions must go together. Such a person will have a meaningful life.
    In my case I am from a slightly above a middle class family and had good education and job. Wife also from almost a similar background. She is an Engg. graduate and worked with State PWD. We have two boys and both are working and are married. Both are having one girl each. Thus I feel I am a happy person.


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    Good Pooja,
    Is it a bad habit to add good in each and everything? The word good sounds very good while we write or speak or appreciate. I feel that the earth where we live is good. We call it mother earth. I love good things. Write about good things, and I worry about good things on this good earth. My pet words are - Excellent and Good.

    No life without Sun

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    Thanks for that Mr. Sun, I just noticed it so thought of asking you. It is always nice to have your own style of writing. It makes yourself unique in that way. It is really nice to add good in various things. It adds a unique emphasis to the sentence.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    I am only a simple 'pati' in my life. Lakh or crore will be calculated by others after my death.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    There are many pathis and naires in the world but all come into the world the same way as you and me. All leave the world in the same way too. The physical component goes 6 feet below and the spiritual component goes 6 kms above. What we do in between determines whether we keep accumulating points in our monetary balance sheet or in our goodwill scorecard.
    There are many medicines that we take commonly. I think in one movie of Sanjeev Kumar he talks about it, terramycin, gentamycin, etc. there are many medicines that we take for the illness that ends in mycin or my sin. so as long as the Almighty keep us healthy, happy and we don't sin with our knowledge, help a few if possible, above all do not harm someone's integrity, self-respect, dignity, and honor then we have served our purpose on this dear mother Earth more than any pathis or naires. I follow the last statement consciously.

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    Ya, I would like to be millionaire! Why not? Who does not want to be really rich? They may not say openly, but for sure in their mind and heart they wish it. but I would not spend only on comfort life if I was millionaire. I would donate regularly to charity too.

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