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    Who is your Santa in real sense?

    Since childhood we have keep listening about Santa Clause. It brings happiness not only amongst kids but adults too. he carries gifts for kids and do different magics. However, it is not his gifts which does magic in our life but what he teaches us which brings the beautiful colour in our life. He is a guide, he is a teacher who always comes with some hidden message in the form of gifts.

    In real life the Santa may or may not comes to guide you but indeed there are some people around you, who is always ready to stand with you and guide you, teaches you whenever you needed it.

    So, dear member have you noticed that "santa" around you? Can you say that he/she is your Santa in real sense. As for me indeed my wife is my Santa who not only stand with me in my tough time but guide me too to come out from it. She is my teacher and a mature guide and she is my Santa in real sense.

    So, who is your Santa?
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    It is true. There will be someone in the life of everybody we will be guiding him and making him happy. Santa is a representative of the GOD who comes to this land on the day of Christmas and gives gifts to all and advise them about their wellbeing in the life. He may really come or may not come. But The God may be showing a person for everybody to help him or keep him happy and advise him on the matters of the life.
    As far as I am concerned I also feel that my wife is the Santa for me in this life. I have become so dependent on her that I can't do anything without her. My role is to earn and bring but the entire responsibility of the family is shouldered by her and she will be guiding me in a;l my responsibilities in my life. She will keep a track of all issues and she will be reminding me the things to be carried out by me for my parents and my children and to the family. She is a very good adviser in solving many of my issues.

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    This seems like a very cute thread. Yes, we all have Santa in our real lives. There is always one person, who is guiding us with their thoughts, to move towards the right path, in taking some right decisions.
    Helps us in sorting out confusions. They help us at the time of need. They laugh with us and cry with us. I have a best friend of mine, who is my Santa in real life. He always helps me in my tough situations and walks with me when I am sad and depressed. He is my motivation too.

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    The concept of Santa is based on belief or faith in Christmas and Santa Claus, as children everyone is delighted to get a gift from Santa, as they grow, they understand that it's faith, like saying a prayer with trust in God. I have seen this change in my children. So as adults we all follow our faiths and religions. We may have a holy person whom we turn for attention. But practically many of us have a guardian angel or a real person who is the next best option. Such people are close family members, well-wishers, and friends. These are unique people who put up with our ignorance, our moody disposition and our arrogance at times. But they still stand by us in times of need, at times of desperation or failures. They support us first by patiently listening to us, then offering valuable suggestions or words of encouragement. Then things start to improve, is it because of our faith in a Higher power?or because of the positive energy and good thoughts about us that are in the minds of such people?, not sure, maybe both. You may call them Santa, I call them as the guardian angel, thanks to God, I have a few of them for me.

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    Yes I agree that Santa is just our imagination but everyone do have a Santa in our lives. I feel our parents & life partner are Santa's of our life. Because they are the only people who care about wishes and work hard to make them true. I am lucky enough to tell proudly that my parents & husband are my Santa's of my life.
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