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    Dowry - when will it come to an end ?

    We have come all the way to the twenty-first century, but still, some of the old rituals are being followed, also because we happily follow it. One of the most famous old and bad rituals is Dowry. It is being followed even today. The boy's family will put forward a cash demand on the girl's family. If the girl is working, the demand will somehow be little less. But if the girl is not in a job, the demand will be higher in lacs of rupees also including some heavy jewellery. The amount of money which even the boy will not be able to collect during his entire lifetime, that much amount is being demanded by the family of the boy. I do not understand how could a boy accept this, can't they make their parents understand about this stupid ritual? Don't they have self-respect that they are asking for money like beggars from the girl's family?
    I sincerely hope this evil ritual come to an end. I do not understand what if the girl's family is poor, they will die paying the loans for their daughter's marriage. In spite of being highly educated, people are still following this ritual. Share your views on this.
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    It is a bad custom. It was at its peak during the 1990s. Those days more girls are there in the society for marriage but less number of boys. So there was a huge demand for boys and the rates of them at that time were very high. But before this dowry concept, there was a custom in the society where the father of the female is demanding money for giving his daughter to a boy. Later on, it is shifted the other way. I know many people who were refusing marriages as they are not getting the required dowry. As on date, there is a change in the present scenario. There is less number of girls and many boys are there searching for a girl. But the girls are choosy now. Some girls are refusing to marry an as if she is not liking him. So boys are in a puzzle now. Hence the dowry system should stop now. The girls should openly say that they are not going to marry a man who is demanding dowry.
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    It may take many decades to end, at least in the middle-class families, a little longer in the rural areas. Although many are educated, have listened to media and the Government laws and punishment for those indulging in the dorwy system, people still ask for dowry. Brides are persistently harassed verbally, emotionally and physically for want of dowry. Dowry has many faces, money for starting a new family, household things, a car, a new job, a new house, a new business venture, an exchange offer (take a bride and give their daughter in marriage to the bride's house). If the girl's parents can afford and truly wish to give cash or gifts, then there are no issues. But the same being forced upon people who are already burdened with the wedding expenses is cruel. Many families ask for dowry even after a couple of children are born. But things are slowly changing, girls and families are standing up against it.

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    The dowry system will end only when the people giving it stop this custom which bankrupted many families. The trend is already changing with the women competing with men in all the fields. The women are now in a position to accept a man of their choice. Hope the system will come to a stop in near future.
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    Sorry to say that the dowry system cannot be removed fully as the clandestine dealing for the dowry giving and acceptance are going on behind the scene though both the sides may claim that they are against the dowry and the marriage has happened without accepting any favour in cash or kind. As long as poverty is there in India and that cannot be eradicated by any government no matter big schemes are brought in to rehabilitate the poor, the poverty would remain and that would be the identification of India internationally. Like wise the dowry menace will not be eradicated or subsidised. It will remain and people would give and accept dowry without the notice of others. If a parent has only one daughter and wants to see that she is kept in good humour always, they wont mind giving some extra money to the groom and that is what happening in many homes and that attitude wont change in the parents.
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    One of the main reason why people like having a boy child in India is that they get the dowry and some hate having a girl child as they have to pay dowry. When we live in a country where people have such mindset, how will the dowry system come to an end! People need to change, but even after being educated, some people don't change. Some are good at preaching but when it comes to their own life, they will take dowry. Actually, a guy should feel ashamed of taking dowry as it is like the girl's family purchasing him.
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