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    One day you will have to leave everything you have acquired.

    Are you prepared for that day? We all are mortal being and one day we will be nothing but become ash. That day is definite but time is not fixed. Have you thought about that day? How do you think that day will be?
    I heard the name of a book called "Who will cry when you die?" Although I haven't read that book yet the title seemed very eye-catching and attracting and made me think about that day. Please share your thoughts of that day imagining that day
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    A philosophical thread while the year is ending. The book you have mentioned is NOT about preparing to die BUT about how to live until you die. It's in plain, simple English from a good author of motivation books. Once you read this book, you would understand my statement. Yes, we know our time of arrival but live until the time of departure is announced suddenly out of the blue.

    To me, there is little point thinking when that day will come, it is like resigning to our fate. Instead, live every day making it better than yesterday.

    Forget about disguising our greed for more as saving for our family and retirement, responsibly enjoy spending what you've earned with children and family.

    If anything that can crush the very soul is to be named, it is the excess emotional baggage of guilt, jealousy, grief, and grudge. Learn to unload it regularly and become wiser.

    Most underestimated precious things we have in hand (until we leave earth) is time and our family around us. Learn to spend quality time with family and kids, sit with them watching a movie, have a day out with them, actively listen to their achievements and failure, make a conscious effort to grow with them rather than just watching them grow.

    We came unclothed with nothing but a cry into the world and when we leave with nothing, we should have some good souls to cry after our departure and leave behind a legacy that at least a few would remember.

    So, I would say, don't imagine that day but do all that you have to do as if that day is known to you in a positive way.

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    It is the fact of the life. As mentioned in GITA every person born should die and a person died should be born again. This is the continuous circle. When we come to this world we will come with empty hands and when we go out of this world we have to go with empty hands. Whatever struggle you have in your life and whatever you earn in this world will be left back only. Nothing is going to come with you. If we behave good and if we are good with the people they will remember us for some time. That is what we require. The money we earned will not come with us. The people to whom you have done good shed at least some tears at your demise. So as human being we should try to do some good works and help the people in need you will have some people who will think of you good in your absence also. That is what we can achieve in our life.
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    Death is ultimate for every one. Some gets the call early and some gets the chance to live for more years. There are some people who have lived more than 100 years. When ever I met old citizens and asked to tell about their lives and expectations, they simply tell that death should come suddenly without giving botheration to others. That means one should not die with so much illness and bed ridden through which others get disturbed. In fact I too wanted such death wherein people should wonder as to I was alive just one hour back and how come death happened to me. There must be thrill to die and keep others guessing.
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    This is the truth of life, we human beings are mortal. We are born and have the death dates also assigned by that almighty. We never know when that will come, but it will come to us unpredicted. We never make any plans or arrangements as to what will happen when we will die. What is there in our hands is to make our everyday living a happy one, a bright one. It is about how contented we are when we are living our everyday.
    So, let us not be busy thinking how death will come and what will happen that day.
    Think about how we can make our everyday wonderful and worthy to make it a memorable one forever. Live life at its best.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Neelam, Frankly speaking, I do not like this statement.
    If you believe in life after death, there is no need to be afraid.
    If there is no life after death, you won't know about it, so no point in worrying about it.
    Then where is the problem?!
    I'd rather me die than someone I love die.

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    This is what the 'Geethasaram" from Bhagavat Gita teaches us. "What have we brought here(earth) to take it back there (heaven/hell)." "What we acquire is given by someone to us. And we will give it to others to acquire it"
    I too have seen the book "Who will cry when you die?" lying in the book shelf of my daughter. Your post tempts me to read the book. Will be back after reading few pages of that book.

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    I am back. I took the book ""Who will cry when you die?" and had a quick look at it. It contains 101 chapters. I have quickly gone through the first and last chapters.
    The first chapter says - "When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries while you rejoice."
    The last chapter says - Live fully, so you can Die Happy. One should be used up thoroughly before they die. For their harder work they live more.They rejoice in their life for their own sake. Life is not a brief candle. It is a sort of splendid torch and should be made to burn brightly as possible .

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    Most of the members have just misunderstood this thread is about the book, but this thread is not about the book because I have not read it yet. It is about dying and what is your thinking about death.
    And neither about the fear of death as @Neeraj have comprehended it. I actually posted this thread to know the views of members about death. Not just one's own death but death in general when you know its certain. Especially when you know a person whom you cherish or you yourself experience a near death experience or a closed or loved one is having that kind of experience.
    This thread is about the dilemma of human about the death, not the philosophical connotations related to it.
    As far as philosophical and bookish connotation about the positive thinking I have read these types of books many times and I really like them and also their philosophy and Geeta is one of them and my favorite too.
    But none of the members have shared there own thinking about this all the things mentioned seems mere philosophies or motivation which have already been written. And in this thread, I am not seeking motivation because I am not experiencing any such thing.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Anyway, this thread gave me an opportunity to read a book which was lying dead in a shelf without anyone to read. Did we worry about our birth on any day? Similarly, let us not worry about our death. It is a hidden day on this good earth.

    What happens after our death? Read this interesting creative Fun thread from Sun.

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    That is the reality of life on Earth whether it is human or animal.
    The life is supposed to be created through a miraculous biochemical process and sustains a particular time period after which it deteriorates and dies. It is known as aging.
    The mystery of life is yet to be unfolded and there are spiritual aspects also. Many religious theories explain it differently.
    Death is eternal truth but we have to work till we are alive and that is what motivates us to be active.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I understood your thought behind writing this thread now, I would say I am not afraid of death. But yes, I feel whenever it comes to me, it should come all of a sudden, with my spirit separated immediately from my body.
    I am afraid of being caught in the hands of a disease and then die slowly and steadily every day with pain.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    There is one certainty after the birth of every person, that is death. No one knows when they will die. Death will occur only once. In my personal opinion why think about it time and again die mentally numerous times. The time between birth and death is ours. Let us be happy and enjoy the life.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Though a person holds a huge wide area of land and buildings he or she is provided with a land of maximum six feet length and two feet width only that too if he/she buried and if he or she is burn into ashes that quantum also not to him or her. Famous king Gajni mohammed asked his associates at the time of his death to keep his both hands opened while his dead body on procession so as to denote that he died with empty hand though acquired so much wealth.

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    That is big fact, we come here to live life and most of us don't know why we born on earth and what to do. It takes half or almost all life to understand why we are on earth and what we are doing here. Earth is tough place to live. Here people are busy in daily bread and butter needs.
    Those who born with disabilities, poor life, backward areas etc are living more tougher life as compared to most. Well poverty is not current problem but it is coming from times of chanakya or even before.
    I think you need to do your work for yourself first and later needs to do other social activities.

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    Of course we will have to leave everything behind on our last journey. We came with nothing hence we need not be worried of taking things with us when we leave. We made all of it here and the validity is only upto the period we exist.

    Some people go mad about making wealth without realizing that how much ever they make, they will have to leave this earth one day. Those people who have realized the fact are wise men and they will not have any sort of greed. But of course we will have to satisfy our needs and certain wants while living here.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    True, everyone have to go empty handed when time comes to leave. However, at least we can care for what we have within us till the time. Whether it is wealth, relationship or any materiel things.

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    Life is itself a mystery for us but we have to perform and keep going while we are alive. We know that one day we are going to leave this physical world and scientifically speaking will be nowhere after that. So this consciousness is only for a time period and due to various factors that period is not known beforehand.

    There are emotional and materialistic bonds developed during our life and many of us are not ready to leave everything here but the eternal truth death is unconquerable and we have no choice at that juncture.

    Knowledge is power.

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