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    Can I post any article in ISC & in my blog as well ?

    Hi ISC ,

    Its been a long time that I have worked with ISC, so I pls dont mind as I am asking this question.

    I write movie reviews on my blog, so my question is , can I post the review article on ISC & on my blog too.

    Or can I share ISC on my blog ?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Welcome back to ISC. We don't mind the least if you have doubts and raise queries. Since you've been away for a while, there are bound to be questions from you, so don't worry about it.

    As per the rules, you cannot submit the exact same content at both your blog and here at ISC and vice versa. Refer: Copyright issues. What you can do is post something general about the movie at your blog, submit a detailed review of the movie at ISC and then give the link to your ISC review in the blog post.

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    Thank You Vandana ...
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