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    International sweet festival in Hyderabad.

    Sweets are very much tasty and many people like to eat more and more. There are varieties of sweets and in our country, different places are famous for different sweets. Calcutta Rasagulla,
    Hyderabad Pulla Reddy sweets are very famous sweets. Hyderabad is going to hold an international sweet festival during 13th, 14th and 15th of January 2018. Different types of sweets made by the individuals from all over the Telangana will be displayed in more than 100 stalls. It is will be a good time for the sweet lovers and they can enjoy the different types of sweets with different flavours. Please make it convenient to attend and taste the sweets here.
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    I love to have lots and lots and lots and…….of Kaju Katli!

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    Nice to hear that Hyderabad is hosting a sweet festival. Such culinary festivals give a platform for the traditional recipes and the old well-respected families who are in the sweet preparing business for generation get a chance to showcase their talent. There would be many recipes based on milk products, a unique combination of fruits and flavors that cannot be found everywhere. This would also be an eyeopener for new entrepreneurs with money to invest, they can identify the potential good sweet makers and tie up with them to get their products a better reach to a wider group. People will also benefit a lot because many love to eat sweets and taste different varieties. This also brings in the genuine sweet preparations which are often the target of imitations. Like in Bangalore there are only 1-2 places that make Mysore Pak that will dissolve the moment you place it in the mouth. But many sellers claim to have the same recpie but the difference is obvious once you eat it.

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    The international sweet festival, wow this looks like a great opportunity to taste sweets from this place. Among many sweets, I like gulab jamun, there is one mithai called 'chamcham' I like the most.
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    Wow that should be the real festival for all the sweet lovers. Especially this festival is being celebrated during Sankaranthi time and there are every chance of people buying and tasting different varieties of sweets. Hyderabad has been gaining importance in the recent past by organizing major events. First it was World Entrepreneur Summit, then World Telugu Conference and next International Sweet festival. It seems Telangana government had the habit of organizing large scale events like this and thus every big meet is being insisted to be hosted in our great city. We are proud of this great honor.
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    That's a really sweet news for all sweetmeat-lovers! By the way, who are the participants? Are Bhimnag, Ganguram, Dwarik, Tiwari, Sridurga are participating from Kolkata with their sondesh, rosogolla, chomchom, jibejoja, ledikeni, nikhuti, doi, mishti singara, jilipi and other more than hundred types of sweet-meats.
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    This is a world saving information!
    I am a sweet tooth and I will try not to miss the oppertunity.

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    A sweet news, and I want to go to Hyderabad to taste different international sweet dishes. After reading this thread, I showed it to my lovely wife. She said, "Darling, You are a diabetic. Don't think of Hyderabad and the Indian sweets. Even if you think of sweets, your sugar level will go up. Say thanks and sorry to Dr. Rao."
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    Now my doubt is - The international sweet festival is organised to show case our Indian sweets to the international community or to show case the international sweet varieties to the Indian community?

    Dr. Rao, Will you clarify my doubt?

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    The author has clearly specified that different types of sweets made by the individuals from all over Telangana. I also felt it as a sour news because I am restricted by the doctors not to consume sweets.(I do not accept that I am a diabetic.)
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    Thirty organisations who are connected to the Hotel Industry had been advised to bring varied sweets of Indian and foreign makes too. So those who visit this festival they will have the chance to taste Mexican, Spanish,Italian and other country sweets apart from various sweets of India..
    K Mohan
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    Sounds like a dream come true for all those with a sweet tooth, diabetic or not, people can enjoy it. Diabetics should obviously take smaller bites and pack home sweets that can be kept for a few days. I've heard of diabetic patients taking an extra tablet and enjoying good food. The first time I'm hearing about international sweets being presented at a sweet mela.

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    Sounds yummy, I want to be a part of such festival and wish if such things to be organised in northen part of India too.
    Foodies always find such places very interesting and never misses any such opportunity.

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    Interesting. This is the best time for people in Hyderabad to send sweets to our fellow ISCian Mr. Sun.
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    Can anyone tell me the place of international sweet festival in Hyderabad.
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    As suggested by Chitra, I request the ISCians hailing from Hyderabad and its surrounding areas to send sweets(one piece of each famous sweet, both national and international) to my address. Willing members can request my residential address through my e-mail ID '
    @ In turn, original Tirunelveli Halwa will be despatched to your address, provided you intimate your address to me.

    Let us see who really has a heart to act - Mohan, Dr. Rao, KVRR or Aditya Mohan

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