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    Are there any spiritual leaders worth the value in India?

    India is a country foremost thought about in the world when it comes to spirituality. The foreigners attracted to the spiritualism used to come to India in search of spiritual gurus. Recently I read a book "The Journey Home" by Richard Slavin, translated to Telugu.Richard Slavin, known as Sri Radhanath Swamy came to India from America at a very young age to seek a spiritual guru. He travelled mostly in Himalayas and Vrindavan in search of a true spiritual guru and finds one in Swami Prabhupada. Nowadays the people coming in search of spiritual gurus seems to be on the decline. Are we having spiritual gurus worth mentioning now? When will India regain the spiritual values which made our country identifiable with spirituality?
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    Who says that there are no spiritual leaders in Hindus. In our religion the religious pontiff is called Azhagiya Singar and they belong to the Ahobilam Matt. So far 45 sects have served and now we are having the 46th pontiff who travels vastly and give religious discourse especially in this Dhanur Masam. These pontiff wont mingle with political leaders or attend any public functions like others. They stay at their place and the devotees would throng their place to seek the blessings. The matt maintains most of the Lakshmi Narsimhar temples spread over the country and they are also dong social services.
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    For me, the best spiritual gurus are the ones who break the bounds of religion.
    Most won't consider Ramdev baba as a spiritual leader, but yoga, taichi and other similar forms are all methods to attain spirituality.
    So we have him. And Sadhguru is a very wise person. I don't see better spiritual personalities than them.

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    They are spiritual Gurus who never canvas themselves but they will encourage the people to go spiritual. Sri Kanchi Kamakothi Pithadipathi and his number two in the mutt, Sarda Pithadhipathi in Sringeri and so many other Gurus are there. Here the word GURU should be taken as a person who will lead us in the direction of spirituality. But some people in this guise encashing the weakness of the people and making money. It is not good to deceive the innocent people. So people should be careful in selecting the Gurus.
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    India is a land of spirituality, there are many religious mutt with senior pontiffs who are look upon with reverence and respect. They hold sessions enlightening the people who know about them. But, of late the image of a Spiritual leader is tarnished and a people are looked at suspiciously or skeptically because of issues with commercialization, greed for money, immoral acts and links with various political parties. Once people come to know abut such individuals, they quietly step back and the leader with its Mutt or sect slowly lose their influence and followers. In Karnataka, there is the respected Sree Siddaganga Matha, whose lead Sri Sri Sri Sivakumara Swamigalu (110 years old), is regarded with reverence of a Walking God in Karnataka. They have contributed a lot to the society and continue with humanitarian work along with spiritualism. Aditya has already mentioned about Sadhguru. Once the country shakes of all the fake Godmen, the true individuals would stand out.

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    I had faith in Kanchi Kamakodi peetathipathi, but lost the faith with the present Gurus of that Pitam. They are selfish, money minded, womanisers under the cover of Sanniyasam.
    The old original gurus were good, and the present generation gurus are very very bad. I don't think there will be real spiritual gurus in future.

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