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    MIA in the forum - where are they?

    There seem to be a few members MIA (missing in action) from our forum who were regular or at least present on and off. Offhand, I can think of three for now - Saroja, Chitra Rana Raghav, Juana. Where are they?

    I am sure the current regular forum participants must also be missing some of their fellow ISCians' presence. On this Merry Christmas day, let's send off messages enquiring about them & inviting them to return soon.
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    While Vandana is worried about the female members of ISC, I worry about a great male member Kailash Kumar who is missing for a long time. He is missing permanently. Where is he?
    Saroja must be present somewhere in Tamilnadu.
    Chitra Rana Raghav must be present somewhere in Rajasthan
    Juana I don't know.
    I am sure, All will be present to celebrate New year at ISC.

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    This is true these days we are missing posts from the above 3 members. Of course, we are missing Kailash Kumar from a long time. I hope they are all busy with their other important works. Through this thread, I am sending greetings to all the members who were active but not visible these days and request them to spend at least a little time here so that the forum section will have more representation we will also get educated with their good posts and views.
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    Even when I joined ISC (23rd September, 2015), Ms. Saroja was an occasional visitor. Ms. Chitra has remained inactive since 2016. Ms. Juana, although regular in Forum, gives more importance in Articles section. Most probably she has been busy in festivities.

    Mr. Kailash Kumar, after getting Platinum shield, abruptly became inactive in ISC. He became active in another site where I am a regular contributor. He has been my follower in that site. But of late, he has been inactive in that site also. Most probably, he is out of India now.

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    Can the ME or admin team send them a virtual gift and welcome them back for active participation? Glad to see that members absence are felt in the forum. I do miss the good posts of Saroja, Juana. I've not interacted with Mr.Kailash and Chitra Rana Raghav. Mr.Jagadish and Saji can reply more frequently to forum posts as their views are good and makes sense. I use this an opportunity to request other members of ISC to visit the forum and post their comments, even if it 2-3 lines it's fine. Currently, there are regular group of people who express the views for each other's posts.

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    Yes, right, all the three members are missing, I am missing Neethu at this time. She has also not been visible for a longer period. It looks like she is busy in her job.
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    Yes, Many participants who are active members of the site and often seen putting their opinion with strong supporting points on forum discussions and debates are missing. I am missing Juana's strong opinion on a various issue which she describes with very elaborate and real examples and always stays firm in her beliefs.
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    Being festive holidays , the regular members might have been busy with the Christmas and New Year celebrations and thus they are conspicuous by their absence. Chitra is busy in Facebook as I could see her on line some times. Juana would be busy with Christmas but certainly we are missing Saroja and Kailash Kumar.
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    Umesh also was active in the forum other than contributing in the Ask Expert section. Not seen him around either since a week or so.

    I have sent messages to those members mentioned in this thread. Let's hope they respond.

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    Pooja, that was really so sweet of you to notice my absence, it's true that I was caught up with so much work. So now I am on a mini vacation with my family. Trying to spend quality time with them, Also, I was in a camp where there was no network, just returned from there a day ago. It was cold there so now my health is also down due to dramatic climatic change.

    I will be back in this forum from Jan 2nd 2018 , till then Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, good health and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year in advance!!

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    It seems the ME action on requesting regular members to revive their presence has paid the dividend. Neethu has promised to continue and Chitra already started her activities once more.
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    I was also missing. Nobody remembered me.
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    NK Sharma, you are right - we forgot you. Sorry! Glad you are back.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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