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    Members should cut short their name

    My dear Fellow ISCian
    If you all remember, recently, our ME has requested the ISCian to reduce the number of words in the forum titles as it consumes lot of space and the forum index looks awkward

    My recent observation is - Certain members are with their extra long profile name that appears on the forum index which occupies large space. It looks awkward with a large space between the threads.

    I humbly request the members with a long name to cut short their names to a single name to fit in one line.

    Few long names to quote:

    Name/suggested single name
    Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao/Srinivas
    Partha Kansabanik/Partha
    Neelam Joshi/Neelam
    Pooja Srivastava/Pooja
    Pattabhi Ramachandran/ Ramachandran
    Saji Ganesh/Either Saji or Ganesh
    Jagdish Patro/Either Jagdish or Patro
    Khambampati Ramakrishna/Ramakrishna
    Indu Singh/Indu

    Are you willing or unwilling? Post your comments if any?
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    I have no problem with writing my name as Srinivas. But in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana the name "Srinivas" is very common. If any new member joins with the same name it will be difficult. Then we have to make them as Srinivas I, Srinivas II and so on. I can change my name as NVSR also. I can make it drrao also. or I can put it as Dr.NVS Rao also. Let me think. I will see the responses of other members also whose names were mentioned by you and then I will try to change my profile name as I like it from the above various short forms. Thanks to SUN for his suggestion. I also feel it is always better to have a small name and that is Why I am known as drrao in my Organisation. Some people call me NVSR.
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    Hello, @Sun I have implemented your advice and shorten my name, I have been thinking about it for a very long time but today when I saw this thread I thought I should shorten it. Although its the will of the member whether he or she wants to shorten his or her name or not and there is nothing good or bad about the suggestion.
    I just wanted to shorten it so I made it short and if anyone else too likes it then he/she can also do the same.

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    Indeed, it is nice to see 'Neelam'
    Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao,
    It is very great of you for considering my suggestion for implementation. I too say that Srinivas would confuse to have Srinivasas I/II/III. I strongly feel that DR.Rao would be appropriate, and will fit in a single line.

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    I am already addressing the members with long name in the shortest form or simply mentioning as author. I am of the opinion that names should be short and sweet. Let the long name members mention their pet name so that it can be used in this forum.
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    Does shortening the name affect their web presence or web searches? Cutting short a name should be of individual preference and we have to respect it. Some people don't mind being addressed with a short or a nickname. Some may not be keen to be addressed in a website like this by their short name for the way it sounds or when it is so common that they might feel their individuality/visibility getting diluted.
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    Its good to be mentioned with a short name as it feels we are being addressed with affection. Once we get into ISC, it feels like family. Every member will be ready to help on any issue which is good thing. Though I am not regular on ISC, I like to be called by my pet name Souju. :)
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    I'm perfectly ok with people calling me aditya or adi.
    But I recently found that there is another aditya around here.
    So I will take my original name.

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    Mr. Sun, I would like to keep my name as it is on my profile because I love my full name. Sorry but I do not want to change it.
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