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    Lalu has been found guilty.

    Lalu Prasad Yadav has been found guilty in the fodder scam involved the embezzlement of about Rs.900 crores from Bihar exchequer. Along with him, another 14 were also found guilty. This is the verdict given by the CBI court and the quantum punishment will be announced on 3rd January 2018. Another former Bihar chief minister Jagannath Mishra, another accused in the scam case with other 6 were getting released from the case as there are no pieces of evidence. The followers of Lalu may go to the next court for the release of Lalu.
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    The delay is too much. Lalu Prasad Yadav should have been put in jail long time back. We are losing a person with good humor.
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    In Hindi there is a saying that jaise karni waise barni. That means as you sow the seed , so you get the yield. So Lalu is the corrupt man and committed the corrupt practice with group of his confidants and thus they are also convicted. Good that Nitush Kumar parted ways, otherwise he would be in the company of bad people. I always admire our Indian Judiciary that it gives guantum punishment very late but surely. When Lalu thought the country has forgotten his Chara Ghotala scam, here is the court which pronounced he is the convict.
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    After hearing this verdict, I am forced to remember a slogan coined by Lalu himself: ''Jabtak samosa-me rahega aloo, Bihar-me raj karega Lalu''. Thanks to the short-statured but iron-willed IAS Officer Amit Khare, finally this criminal has been brought to justice.
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    Corruption has become a point of pride for the politicians. They talk of conspiracy when caught. They try to make a capital out of it. Lalu Yadav is a leader who has succeded in harnessing the corruption charges into electoral victory. This case has been pending on him for a long.

    I have pity on the CM of Bihar, who was aware of corruption charges on Lalu and his family, got power by back biting BJP. He once again cheated Lalu and jumped into the BJP side. His present ministry has more number of corrupt members than the previous ministry of maha-gathbandan. This is also a type of corrupt practice. The shameless leaders like the present CM of Bihar will also be punished by the common man in due course of time.

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    Jail is not a bad place but a palace to unshameful politicians who enjoy better life in jail. They are taken care by the jailers who are bribed for special treatment. Lalu is a jollyhood fellow who will change the mood of the jail staff. May be, the higher court might dismiss his case saying no evidence found. This is what happening with the case of the senior party leaders. Look at Raja and Kanimozhi roaming freely after the 2G verdict.
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    Such people mar the image of our country, imagine getting investors and FDIs for the country's development and then having news of multi crore scams? After the verdict, Mr.Lalu Prasad for some reason brought out the names of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Ambedkar as good people who are still villains for some biased people. He still claims that he is innocent. It is sad that in our great country scams of such magnitude happen for years and there is nobody to question. Who is going to foot the bill for the legal expenses? Where has the scam money gone? how much of it can be brought back to the exchequer? If a common man defaults on a bank loan, then his assets are seized, can't we do it for these corrupt politicians? now such people will again lead a life in luxury behind bars at the expense of the taxpayers. I'm sure he'll run the show from within. At least why can't we take off the Z security? I still think, some powerful NGO should fearlessly file for compensation from such corrupt politicians.
    Can we demand compensation from Politicians.

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    Read a report, today, in Deccan Herald, that the supporters of Mr.Lalu believe that the current judgement against him is caste based and some feel that his popularity is bound to increase after the verdict and it would be wrong to write him off.

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    Truely speaking, Lalu Prasad Yadav is incarnation of Lord Sri Krishna who was brought up by the Yadavas. Even in jail or while on bail, he will enjoy the fruit of his life without any fear or favour. A great man who will never cry but laugh only. He is the Krishna of Kaliyug.

    Jail is not new for yadavas. Lord Krishna, a yadava(not by birth), was also born in Jail.

    Members, You might laugh at my comments. Don't mind. Laugh please.

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    @SuN, you reply is close to the news report I read, it quotes that, 'politicians and media people who underestimate Lalu or write his political obituary would be pleasantly surprised by the time election comes. Let's wait and see.

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    Once in a while such news is welcome,because it will help people to retain their faith in the judiciary.

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