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    New year is just 7 days away.

    The new year 2018 is fast approaching. It is just another 7 days away. We have good, very good, bad, very bad and average experiences in the year 2017. We all completing another one year and putting back into the history. We are looking at 2018 with a lot of expectations and wishes. Today Christmas will be over. Now people will be busy in making their arrangements for inviting one more year to their life. I generally perform new year day on the Ugadi Day as per the Telugu new year Calendar. similarly, many people may be celebrating the new year as per their Indian Calendar. What is the preference of various members for celebrating new years? Either on Jan 1st or as per the Indian calendar.
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    While others would be busy to have a blast for the coming new year. On that day my Mother's death anniversary falls on that day. That means I will be busy with that ritual and may not take part in new year celebrations. Anyway my best wishes in advance to all for a happy new year. Please come back to this thread as to what and how the celebrations were held so that every one can know the idea of celebrating this occasion differently.
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    Though we have our own new year days, we don't celebrate it with great pomp and show. Many don't even know their own months and the number of days in their months. Frankly speaking. I am a Tamil, but I don't go by the Tamil calender. English has become the part and parcel of our life. Since January 1st is the new year day celebrated widely internationally, I too join to celebrate 1st January as a New year day.

    @ The 2018 new year day falls on Monday, and it is a Full Moon day(Poornima). Generally, every year, I perform Pournami Pooja to my family deity in my village and offer Annadhan on the Poornima day falling in the month of Maargazhi (between 15th December and 13th January) every year. In this new year, the day coincides with the new year day. I am fortunate to commence the new year 2018 with an Annadhan to the public.

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    Yes, the new year is fast approaching and the daily countdown has started. Many schools have holidays and the atmosphere at home is one of a relaxed nature. Kids are happy running around without homework. Families are visiting commercial areas and malls that have a festive look. One on a different level, people are preparing to welcome the new year with anticipation and expectations. We just have a simple pooja at home and pray for peace and well being, visit a nearby temple and carry on with the new year. Earlier we used to call people at the stroke of midnight, but now it's a what's up message or a next day morning call. We also have a small celebration on April 14th our Tamil new year wherein the poojas are little more formal with homemade dishes and sweets, kids have new clothes. Yes, we do celebrate both English and our own calendar new year.

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    I am a Hindu girl married to a christian so I celebrate the new year on both the days, i.e on 1st Jan in church & Ugadi as well. Its good to celebrate both the days as we can a family gathering or with friends. Its not a bad idea to have fun with our families or friends.
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    I fully agree with Mr. SuN. We have almost forgotten to celebrate our own New Year(s). Instead we have started celebrating New Year according to Gregorian calendar. In India, this New Year has no significance, whereas Indian New Years signify harvesting crops. This day (1st of January) has no significance in the life of majority of Indians. There is another New Year, which is Financial New Year, which signifies commencement of New Year from 1st April. This is much nearer to Indian New Years which generally falls during mid-April.
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    I am going to celebrate new year celebration with my family. We are having a function in our society to welcome the new year on 31st night. We will be there, there will be DJ arrangement, so I will be dancing a lot. It will be really fun. Various other types of games are also organized by the people there, so we will be enjoying great.
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