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    Mumbai commuters must be happy as the WR operates its first AC train for the locals

    We all know that how challenging it would be for every train commuter to travel daily for their office and back to home in the local trains which are always busy and over flow with the crowd. And those who afford to have luxury travel was not possible. But from today the for the first time the Western Railway has introduced air conditioned local trains for the comfort of Mumbai commuters. Surely there would be greater relief from maddening crowd and also greater relief from the sultry weather. How about having a ride on this train ?
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    It is very nice that in Mumbai from today they have started Air conditioned coaches for travel. The long-distance travels daily in Mumbai in crowded local trains is really a hectic and horrible experience. But now a little relief to the commuters with these AC coaches. Today I read in the newspaper that the railways are introducing AC local trains in Hyderabad< Calcutta and Madra also shortly. It is a very nice to get improved services even a little higher cost. People will have some comfort in their hectic life. But Pollution is at its peak everywhere. Whether by these comforts in every field of life may cause further worsening in the environment and may cause more pollution. But it is much better than individual cars with Ac travelling on the road. I have everybody will have a very good time with these AC coaches travel in Mumbai and other seats.
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    Glad to hear that Mumbai has started the AC services for local trains. In fact, it is India's first suburban AC train that would make Mumbaikars proud.This would especially help them in the summer when it would too hot to travel in crowded local trains. I'm sure many ladies and women would prefer traveling in this to have a little more safety when compared to the general local trains. The fares would be higher than the local fares but people wouldn't mind paying extra for comfort, quality, and safety. If the railways can maintain cleanliness and punctuality, it would be a big hit and other states can learn from the Mumbai Local AC experience. The railways can tap into the potential market of tourists and visitors if it offers this service along the major routes linking the tourist and business regions of the city.

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