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    Which is the Indian city that celebrates New Year Day in a grand Way?

    Most of us might have lived and enjoyed our New year day in different cities of India. Among the Indian cities, which is the city that celebrates New year day in a grand manner?

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    Most of the bigger Indian cities celebrate Christmas in a grand way. In Calcutta, the Christian population is less than 5%, but still now it is celebrated in a resplendent manner. This is due to the fact that Calcutta was the capital of British India and second largest city of British Empire after London.

    Besides the bigger cities, Christmas is celebrated in a grand way in all hill stations due to British influence. In Goa also, Christmas is celebrated in a gala way. Same is the situation in the North-Eastern states of Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland because the states are Christian-majority states.

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    Hyderabad celebrates New year day very nicely. Many of the clubs in Hyderabad will host very good programs on that day. Hotels and Restaurants will have very special foods. Many people go out and spend time happily. Almost all families will have some special programs on 1st Dec night. The families in the apartments will collectively plan some programs and spend together up to 12 Midnight. Exactly at the stroke of 12, the entire city will become dark for a moment and immediately lights will glow. It indicates that new year entered. Fireworks will go wild and so many noises for some time. and everybody will be on their mobiles. Getting a call is very difficult and all lines will be busy and a, most they will get jammed. Almost everybody will be talking or trying to talk on the phone. To wish their known people, everybody trying to contact their wellwishers and bosses to convey happy new year.
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    For that matter every metro city in India celebrates the new year in grand scale. In Hyderabad too all private hotels and clubs are agog with activities from Christmas time itself and there are going to be live bands, Midnight mass at big churches, distribution of free clothes and gifts by the government and many NGO would organize gala events for the entertainment of under privileged. Such actions are done on the eve of every year but not all the news comes to the lime light. New year is the International festival for every one and hope all other cities irrespective of its status or size would indulge in great celebrations.
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    I my life, I have seen New year celebrations in Mumbai, Goa, Visakhapatnam, Kochi and Chennai. Among all, I feel Mumbai is the best. I remember the new year day at Gate way of India where the whole public of Mumbai would be present to enjoy the beginning of the year. At the stroke of midnight 12, the ships in the harbour would blow their siren, flash their lights, the naval warships would fire their coloured signal rockets. Men and women, boys and girls would dance on the road. Eat, drink and enjoy on the first day.
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    Almost all metros and cosmopolitan cities would have good new year celebrations. Bangalore has always been known as the spot for Newyear celebrations. The Brigade road, MG road areas are the happening spots to be in on New Years Eve. The Anglo-Indian localities around these areas all have a festive look. There are many hotels and top restaurants offering Midnight countdown parties. The nightclubs and discos are popular among the teenage/young crowd who have a good party. Since the city is vast, the software districts have their own party hub spots. People form groups on bikes and have a good time. Fireworks shows happen all around and people welcome the new year. Last year, the celebrations were marred by hooligans abusing/molesting women some popular places and streets so much so that it was an unpleasant news to be read in the papers in Jan 2017.

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    Kerala does celebrate Christmas but not in a very grand manner. Stars will be seen everywhere, Christmas carols, lighted up churches and Santa clause coming at every home is fun. Cities will all be decked up and as it is a holiday, people will be celebrating the festival irrespective of religion.
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    From the mentions of Sun it is now understood that Mumbai celebrates new year with great style and with the involvement of Navy too and that would greater scene to enjoy and cherish the new year,
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