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    What happened to Pancha Pandavas after winning the Kurushetra war?

    We have read books, seen cinemas and TV serials, and understood Mahabharatha upto the Kurushetra war only. What happened after the war - is not known to anyone. All the Gouravas(100) lost their lives in the battle field. What happened to Pancha Pandavas who survived?. How they lived, how they prospered, when and how they died, is not known to us. Saint Vyasa did not continue the story further.

    Do you know how and when Pandavas died or left the earth? If you know, narrate it here.
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    You may have not read the mahabharata completely because after the war ends there comes the more interesting part.
    When Pandvas leaves all there won territory and property to be ruled by the son of Abhimanyu whose name is "parikshit".
    And then decides to travel towards the swarga alive with Yudishter leading all five Pandvas, Draupadi and accompanied by a dog too.
    Among all these only Yudishter and the dog made it to swarga alive and all other died on the way.

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    Yes. Neelams story is the summary of that incident.
    But Ashwadhamma is an immortal. He is still believed to be roaming in forests of UP.
    Rest, all of them died.
    Even the Yadavas alongside lord Krishna died away.

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    Long back Amar Chithra Katha had come out with 40-50 books on Mahabarath as illustrated classics, at school, there would be a big demand for these books. It used to be Rs 5/book, now it's available as a full set of reprints.
    Based on some readings and stories that I've listened to is that all the Pandavas go towards heaven and die. Yudhishthira on reaching heaven sees Dhuryodhana in heaven and he becomes furious on recollecting the fate of his brothers and Duryodhana in heaven. Yudhishthira is later on pacified by some God (not sure whom) saying that all the Pandavas had to see a slice of hell before going to heaven for their mistakes and Dhuryodhana had a stay in heaven because he fought and died in the battlefield as a true warrior. I remember this part because I always believed Dhuryodhana was evil but it was corrected by one of my old teachers saying that he was a true warrior who kept his word.

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    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    If you visit in the himalayan region of Uttrakhand you will find the stories relates to this swarga-travel of Pandvas in every village.
    And places related to these stories. And in many villages Pandvas are worshipped and their prayers are sung.
    One such place is "patal-bhubneshwar" in gangolihat of pithoragarh district(Uttrakhand) pandvas also visited this place during their journey.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    What I read that after the great war was over, Lord Krishna was thinking how to get rid of the bonding between him and the Pandavas. He knows those who have born must die also and there cannot be exceptions even for him and the Pandavas. So at the sea shore he hatches a conspiracy in such a way that every Yadava person would fight and die killing each other naturally the Pandavas has to side and fight against one another and thus the entire Yadava Kulam has been reduced and eliminated. Even Lord Krishna takes a nap on the leaf and for a change he becomes small kid and thus dies on the leaf.
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    After the war of Kurukshetra, Pandavas rule the country for about 36 years. After that, they made the son of Abhimanyu by name Parikshit as the king of the country and they decide to climb the Himalayas. The five Pandavas with their wife started to climb the Himalayas. Once they started ascending the hills one dog started following. The first person is Dharmaraju, then Bhimasena, then Arjuna, then Nakula, then Sahadeva, then Draupadi and finally the dog. This is the sequences of climbing. After reaching some height Draupadi fell down and died. Like this one by one died. Finally left with Dharma Raju and the Dog. When the came in front of the doos of heaven, the dog has been changed to Yamadharma Raju and told his son he is only coming with them. He has taken him through the hell for a visit before he goes to the heaven.
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