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    Have you calculated your screen time per day?

    I am not sure whether my question came right. By screen time I meant the time you spend staring at the screen, be it computer, mobile or TV screen. I think majority of the people spent almost three fourth of the day looking at the screen. At least it is true in my case.

    Morning when we get up itself, we will check our mobile phones for any updates and that is how the day starts for many. Then at work we are left with no option than to work on the desktop or laptop. Later when we reach home, we will be spending our free time watching TV or surfing net or simply going through the mobile apps. People even play with phones while traveling, waiting for someone and also while eating. I think only when we are sleeping, we are completely taking our eyes off the screen. Not to share here but for yourself to know try calculating your screen time for today.
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    Well after the advent of computer and the mobiles, we have been starring at the screens at regular intervals and there cannot be counting of time spent in watching the screen time per day. For me during the nights the mobile would be at the pillow and I shall be watching for the time so that I should not miss to get up earlier. Though I am habituated to get up earlier, but the mobile timing can give the right indication of the time to wake up. And as far as the computer screen is concerned, invariably it is used by the family members and on a average I should be spending two to three hours daily watching the screen. We have to keep the screen resolution and the brightness to low so that we should not pose problems to our vision. Now and then we must give break to the eyes so that the vision gets to normal mode.
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    I like your post. You brought out the fact through your screen time that we never thought or noticed. Ultimately this screen time is equal to our sitting time. We don't stand and watch the screen, but sit and watch the screen all the time. Thus, by sitting for hours together and watch the screen, we develop health problems. Especially by sitting, we tend to get back ache, neck ache, ache head ache and knee pain.

    @ Just CLICK HERE to read an interesting thing that developed due to constant sitting against the screen. You have also responded there.

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    It is better to calculate the other times and minus it from the total time, than calculating the screen time I feel. Many of us are either with Cell or Computer during the daytime. Only while eating or while going for the routines only we are not going through this gadgets only. But as far as I am concerned daily 2 or 3 hours I will be in the meetings. 3 hours on other activities. 7 hours sleeping and 2 hours of commuting. That means 24-25 = 9 hours. It can be taken as my screen time. I don't whether I can spend that much time on screen or not. But that has become a practice.
    But I don't play any games on the cell or on the laptop. Just I use for surfing the google for some issues. Then daily some time on ISC. This is how I use Laptop. I use mobile for face bool and whats app, but not much.

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    Nope, I do not calculate. My work is that which take a lots of time being in front of my laptop or mobile. Most of the time its due to business purpose. However, I have a good habit that I do not sit constantly. In between, i do go to my other colleagues and have some chit chat, I go to other section to look out work. Its same with my mobile use, I do have to continuously check up whatsapp messages but after replying it, I off the screen and wait for the next response if it is needed unless I watch some movie on mobile.

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    @ Mohan, Sir please don't keep your mobile by the pillow/ close to head. Keep it above or below the level of your head and at least a feet away if possible to lessen the impact of the waves that the mobiles transmit and receive.

    @Chitra,Your question has come out correct, a very good thread with the holidays around when we spend more time on gadgets. Firstly, we should remind ourselves about the screen time our kids have and try to shorten it by engaging them in other activities, sports, taking them out, a walk in the park or around the apartment, something to reduce their screen times because the ill effects we are taking about in us, would be much more harmful for the young eyes. I try to do my work intermittently and keep the screen at the comfortable blue tinge or reduce the brightness and contrast. I avoid viewing messages/playing games in the night with the light switched off. with the computers, I use a laptop holder with a built in fan which means it would on a desk or at least at a arm's length away for me. I have to be on the net often for my job, so I would be logged on the ISC for a few hours at a stretch.

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    This thread opens several issues. How much time we are spending before a screen? There may be differences but most of us are spending a lot. Have we thought for a wile that if we had spent that time for something different what would have been the result. We must have gained some thing better than what we gained from this staring to a screen. Sure, those who did staring as part of their job, it ought to have given returns. But what about others?
    Many of us spend time for watching and reacting in social media. Perhaps we gain very little from that, still we go on watching that. If include TV also in the screen watching category, surely we do spend unnecessarily our time and health. All these are needed these days, but we should learn to limit them. In this modern age we cannot escape from them. If we do so we will be left behind in the cat race.


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    Would like to add that many sources suggest screen time for children 2-5 years as one hour, maximum of 2 hours. For children less than 1 year, it is supposed to be '0" zero, it must admit, there are many babies who have food only if they have a mobile in hand and watching cartoons. For adults and teenagers there are not definite figures given but 8 hours is felt as too much. Maybe 4-5 hour should be OK? If someone finds the adult screen time please post it here.

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    Very thoughtful post-Chitra, I spend an almost complete day of mine in front of the screen. However, I don't have the habit of using my mobile phone during travelling, I do not chat with anyone while I am on my way. I just listen to songs sometimes. But truly, most of my time is spent in front of the screen. In the office, we are busy working on our laptops and coming back home, I am using my laptop again to do any favourite stuff of mine or writing on ISC also.
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