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    Let us salute the brave soldiers doing duty in the Siachen area.

    The winter season is on and we are all feeling the effects in varying degrees. Imagine the conditions in Siachen area where the temperature dips to as low as -50°C. Ironically "Siachen" means "place of wild roses". This area is a conflict zone between India and Pakistan. In this area, because of the severe weather conditions, more soldiers die due to it but not due to fighting. Siachen area is the world's highest and toughest battle area. It is at an altitude of more than 5400 meters. As of 2015, weather-related casualties stand at 869 and an amount more than of Rs 7500/ crores spent on the maintenance of the military camp in that area. Efforts were made to make it a military-free zone but failed. It is high time for India and Pakistan come to a consensus to make it a non-military zone considering the loss of soldiers to weather conditions and the money spent on the camps. I salute these brave soldiers who are guarding the country in inhuman conditions.
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    When we are not able to cope with the little chilly weather in our respective city and towns, I can understand the ordeal and worst conditions our soldiers has to take on at the Saichen area and the image shared by the author sends chill effects on our body and we cannot even think of living there even for one minute. Nicely suggested by author for Pakistan too they have to spend for the troops stationed there and for us also it is whooping cost to maintain the troops in that area. UN Human rights commission must intervene and bring a accord of no military from two sides forth with in Saichen area. Just imagine the same image were seen by the family members of our soldiers and how bad they feel about the plight and conditions of their relations in the Saichen area. There must be concrete solution and hope our PM Modi sees this post and seek for amicable no troop treaty from both sides in that area.
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    The difficulty of the soldiers well understud by the masses but we can not believe the pakistan and china if they will follow any accord. It will be foolish to withdraw troops from sciachen. However the technology can be developed and deployed as satellite surveillance, missile targeting etc.
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    True. My appreciations to the author for bringing out such a good thread. Really the toils of the soldiers are unexplainable. It is wise if the two nations negotiate and make it a military-free zone. This move will help soldiers from the ordeal of staying in a place where the temperature of -50 degrees centigrade. It saves mainly many soldiers and also a lot of expenditure for military camp there will also come down. It will be helpful for all the countries. Hope some good sense prevails on both the parties and do something for saving these people. At the same time as mentioned in t#620769, we may not rely on these two countries. For monitoring the area we can have another system than making so many people stay there. As said we can try to monitor through other technics that are very well known for this purpose.
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    An excellent thoughtful thread in this chilly winter, We are caught between the devil and the deep sea as far as our neighbors are concerned,hence our need and presence at Siachen. Despite best efforts we have errant countries at our borders who will take even half a chance to create trouble and stir up a diplomatic crisis. Our heartfelt salutations for the Army men and women who have to endure the hardships of -50 away from families and knowing that they have a realistic chance of not coming back at all. Laying down the life in battlefield is the highest honor that any solider can have, but losing their lives in the bitter harsh weather for the sake of some errant neighbors is a sad reality that we have to put up with. I'm sure soldiers on both sides would be facing the same difficulties. No cost can be fixed to the value of our brave soldiers, this along with the Rs 7500 crores makes it an expensive affair that both countries can easily do without it. But what are the options, if one extends a hand of friendship, he is viewed as a traitor and the various factors behind the scenes make Siacehn a long term commitment. May be once majority of the people in the administration on both sides of the border are mature enough to move forward with an honorable commitment of NO FIRST STRIKE, then we can reduce the number of soldiers paying the highest price.

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    Really, soldiers are doing a lot for the people of the country, they keep us in a safe zone. In this chilly winters, it is hard to stay outside, we are not able to bear it. But our soldiers bear it for us, for our safety and security.
    I salute them with heart.
    It is very tough to survive at a temperature of -50 degrees. But these brave people have been doing it.

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    This is an excellently disguised way of building public opinion to hand over Siachen to Pakistanis on a platter. Dr. Manmohan Singh tried it during his Prime Ministership, but was unsuccessful due to strong opposition from the Army.

    The author definitely has forgotten Kargil episode, but people of the country haven't forgotten what happened when Indian soldiers vacated the Kargil-Dras-Batalik hilltops during winter. If Siachen is vacated, Pakistanis wil definitely occupy the ridgeline from Soltoro and capture the Indian posts. The sacrifice of Indian Army jawans during 1987 to 1990 would be fruitless.

    I very strongly condemn this thread.

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    People with sane thoughts give value to the lives of the other people which are being wasted. If there are ways to stop unnecessary loss of human life, they should be explored. The Governments and armies of India and Pakistan can think of a mutually acceptable agreement with suitable safeguards. They can agree upon and pinpoint locations to which they have to withdraw troops so that they have the equal reaction time in case of betrayal. Human life is very valuable.
    The accusation that this is a propaganda to hand over Siachen to Pakistan is going too far. Everyone is entitled to his views. Casting anti-national motives is a disgrace to those who raise them. We are all Indians and patriots.

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    Siachen glacier is 'non-negotiable'.
    It is to be protected at any cost. No question of troop reduction from there. Our military presence in that region shows the international audience that we are capable of protecting our land at any heights.
    It was Pakistan's grant of permit to Japanese expedition to climb Rimo peak in 1984,in the hope of laying a legal claim to the area, which had acted the final provocation for India to airlift troops to the region.

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    I am deeply impressed by the depth of knowledge and clear understanding of the issue by Mr. Neeraj. Yes, the problem started in 1984, when Pakistan gave permission to the Japanese team to climb Rino peak (Karakoram range). If this area is de-militarised, Pakistan will immediately occupy the peaks and ridge-line. The detailed planning of Lt. Gen. Chibbar, the then GoC in C, Northern Command, and Lt. Gen. Viswanath Hoon, and sacrifice of thousands of soldiers will be futile. Have we forgotten the bravery and courage of Bana Singh, who led a small team to dislodge Pakistanis from Jinnah post at Siachen? The post is strategically most important and has been named as Bana post. Bana Singh got Param Vir Chakra for this operation in 1987.

    I don't understand how people can believe these Pakistani animals. Only day before yesterday, these animals ridiculed, insulted, harassed and mentally tortured Kulbhushan Jadhav's mother and wife.

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    Neeraj, I accept your argument has a very valid point. The loss of life to weather conditions pains me immensely. Both the Governments have to do something.
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    @Neeraj, you echo my thoughts in the last part of my first post. Siachen is a LongTerm commitment for us. If and Only if we get a UN permanent Security Council, have a tripartite agreement signed under the auspices of the UNSC between India, China and Pakistan that each will respect international border and have a policy of No First Strike. Breach of this should involve sanctions and Global ridicule. Then we have a chance but along with Siachen, the Kashmir issue will also be linked, so the long term would be the best answer.

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    UN doesn't have teeth or nails. So, it would be ridiculous to assume that beasts will honour any UN-brokered agreement.
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    The loss of our soldiers to weather conditions shows our inefficiency. We are spending $ 60 billion on military. Fifth biggest spender in the world. Every year this budget is increasing on an average of 10%.Why we are not able to protect our soldiers? You mentioned that we are spending Rs 7500 crores on maintenance of military camps. This is found to be meagre.This should be increased to at least Rs 20,000 crores. They should get high-tech facilities at their camps. I visited one of the US military camps in Oman. Some of my friends worked in US lead NATO camps in Afghanistan, world's deadliest place to work. We have to learn from them.
    @620998, I agree with your statement that UN doesn't have teeth or nails. China never accepts India's induction into UN Security Council. Why we run behind UN? As long as we are having financial power and technological power, we can influence everything and anything in this world, I believe.

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