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    When you meet a new person or stranger, do you initiate talks in normal manner ?

    It is the fact that some of us are very talkative as we share and enjoy exchanging pleasantries with friends and relatives on daily basis. Normally we wont open up with the new persons and strangers and try to behave politely or wont even talk with them. But when you happen to travel long distance in train or bus, you get to understand the co-passenger and slowly open up the talking profess. During the course of time the informal talks would turn to personal and very personal , even revealing the cosy relations with others. Should we take such freedom to express our feelings through talks even to new persons and strangers ?
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    We can talk to the new people freely and friendly. But we should not go into our personal details or their personal details. We can talk freely about a general topic like politics, movies latest incidents so on and so forth.But it is always better not to go into the personal matters. Some people call it that we can be friends with all but we should not become familiar with all. We should be selective with people for getting familiarised with people.
    I also talk with new people while I was on the journey. But the discussion will be very general and exchange of opinions on general matters. Sometimes during the discussion, we may come across a common friend and this discussion may go on that person and our relationship with him etc. But it will not be in a particular aspect of any one of the two of us. Sometimes we will be talking about certain issues with an unknown person without knowing his view on that. That may hurt the other man. So we should be a little careful in such conversation.

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    Specially while travelling we have to be careful with strangers. It is better not to be too talkative with strangers. As far as I am concerned, I am very particular about it. It is natural to talk when in long distance journey but one should not be open too much and keep it short. It is also advisable not to bring out personal details much to a strangers. Often in railway such messages are keep popping in TV screen not to get so friendly with strangers due to various reason.

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    I will say that to start talks with strangers is a matter of skill. You have to be very careful in the starting dialogues as they will form the basic building blocks for the forthcoming discussions and information exchange.

    Generally talking with strangers start with a common description of the weather or whispering a general complaint - how hot is today; train is so late; the society is deteriorating etc.

    Depending upon the response of the stranger the talks will start. Some people are very reserved and they will not respond to these initiating clauses so there is no hope of further dialogues.

    Most of the time what I found was that the stranger was starving for talking and will immediately respond as well try from his side that somehow the chit chat continues.

    There are cases when strangers looted the gullible people so one has to be very careful in that respect before starting the ignition to talk.

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    No, it is not possible to talk to a stranger or a new person in a normal manner. We do not know anything about that person, it is not even easy to initiate a conversation, thinking if this person likes to talk or not.
    The first thought that we will get and we will ask them is, "what is your name?" Some questions would be, where they belong, this will help to find a connection with the native place if that coincidentally matches with yours.
    It is not easy to talk normally, however, we will need to study and observe the mood of the person to interact. We will need to understand their actions and reactions. We should not open up to strangers completely because it is not easy to understand one's inner thoughts at the first meeting. So, we should be careful there.

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    Earlier, it was little more easy to talk to strangers without feeling vulnerable or having the fear of being duped. Now we have to be very careful when we interact with strangers of either gender as we can be misunderstood, misled or even cheated. By and large, common sense and being alert ensures that talking to strangers in public places is ok. Have you observed at airports, people do not disturb us or we don't talk freely to people sitting in the longest next to us.
    In trains, buses or in waiting rooms, often the conversation starts with a few cautious tester questions. Based on the tone, body language and facial expressions we can gather that yes we will have a good conversation or we wouldn't have a chat. As long as the questions are generic and not get into personal details it is fine. I tend to slowly detach myself when the discussion gets personal, where do you work, which street you stay, how much do you earn, these are pointers that the person will not stop until we stop.

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